Wednesday, 17 August 2011

For Sale: Inglot Palette

Hello hello!

Just a quickie - I'm selling this Inglot Palette. I literally never use it so I figure someone else might want it. I'm thinking £28 inc. p&p but I'm open to offers.

One of the shadows has a couple of slight nicks where I've failed at trying to get it out of the palette but basically its been used maybe 3 times at most?



  1. I'd love it if it's still going? toobusytostitch 'at' googlemail 'dot' com for Paypal (UK) :) Viv x

  2. hey! just came across your blog - love the header! :-)

  3. Hey hun,

    Remember me from the Pixiwoo/ Avon launch? So sorry I haven't got in touch sooner! How's things? I am loving your blog btw xxx


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