Tuesday, 30 March 2010

FOTD: Rae Morris Exotic Eyes

A little while ago I bought the book "Make Up: The Ultimate Guide" by Rae Morris ... one of this days I'll get round to reviewing it for you, but for now here's my attempt at the Exotic Eyes look she does. I'll apologise for the fact that my blending/shape is nowhere near perfect but it's a loooong time since I attempted something this complex.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation in 02 Ivory
The Body Shop Kiss of Colour Cheek Blush in Golden Coral (I LOVE this blush :D)
The Body Shop Love Gloss for Lips in 11 Raspberry Pink

High Voltage Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Pin Up (Yellow - all over lid and up to brow bone)
Sleek Bohemian Palette Eyeshadow in Sanguine (shimmery cranberry in crease/wing - see Lipglossiping's blog for details for the new names for this palettes/Sleek's plans to introduce names for all their palettes)
Sleek Bohemian Palette Eyeshadows in Neutron (black - outer v/wing)
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eyepencil in Flipside (lower waterline)
Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara
Rimmel Professional Brow Pencil in Black Brown
What do you think? I know it's a little messy but please be gentle :)
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ELF Studio Discount Code

Just thought you ladies might like to know that ELF are doing 20% off their Studio Line when you spend £15 or over.

This offer ends tomorrow (Wednesday 31st March) at midday! Just pop in the code MIDWKSALE at the check out :)
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Monday, 29 March 2010

A couple of exciting things in the pipeline for Sparkle and Shade

Hello lovelies :D

I just thought I'd let you know a couple of things which are in the pipeline for Sparkle and Shade over the next month or so.

Firstly, I'll be having a whole week dedicated to foundation. I'm not really a foundation expert (in fact, it terrifies me half of the time), but I've got a few new bits and bobs to play with foundation wise and thought it would be a good chance to do a themed week and to share my experiences with you as I tried to find my Holy Grail foundation! This will probably be in a couple of weeks when things have settled down a little and I can commit to blogging every day :)

Secondly, I'm planning on running a little creative make up competition - I'm sure I've mentioned before that I also do face painting and I love the fact that the avant garde side of make up artistry combines the two (well, it does in my head). So I'm planning on running a little competition to encourage you ladies to get creative with your faces and those crazily coloured palettes hidden away at the back of wardrobes/drawers/piles of tat which will feature some very exciting prizes (well, I think they'll be exciting).

Finally, I want to tell you about a little partnership I formed today. I was in my local Body Shop (the one on Stonegate in York if you really want to know) and got chatting to the manager about beauty blogging while I was trying some beautiful red lipstick on (I'll show you that later... it's purdy). After a bit of chatting (and a bit of explaining what blogging is exactly), she asked me if I'd like to partner with their store to give my York readers all the latest gossip on special events and that sort of thing, and also to review new products/products you might not know about and just give you a bit of inside information on The Body Shop in general. I really do feel very honoured and privileged to have been asked to partner with them in this way and I know I've got some really exciting things to share with you over the next few weeks (I know because they're currently sat on my carpet and I'm grinning like a kid with a massive bag of sweeties).

So that's it really, all the lovely bits and bobs that are in the pipeline for Sparkle and Shade. I really am having so much fun writing this blog, and I hope you're having fun reading. If you have any requests for posts/fotds that you'd like to see me do or any other thoughts/ideas/suggestions please do share them with me as I love to hear from you :)

*Disclaimer* My partnership with The Body Shop is through a local store manager, not through head office. Although I will receive some products for review, I will not be paid in any way. I am doing this to help promote my local shop and some excellent products. As always, my reviews will be fair and unbiased. Also, please don't go into your local stores begging to become partners - this isn't an "official" thing and I'd feel awful if store managers all over the country got hounded.
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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Superdrug MUA line

I'm sure that most of you have heard by now that Superdrug are releasing a new make up line called Make Up Academy (or MUA). Superdrug are branding this as "the UK's best price cosmetics collection" with all items costing a mere £1.

Here's a couple of the preview pictures from the Superdrug Website:

(all photos sourced from Superdrug website)
I have to say, the pictures definitely look like it has potential to be very exciting, although obviously the proof of the pudding is in the errr.. swatching.

What do you think about this new line? Will you be giving it a try? What other budget beauty brands do you swear by?
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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Sleek i-Divine Bohemian Palette FOTD and video review

I was a bit unsure with what to do about reviewing this palette - so many were went out for PR purposes that by the time I got round to buying mine, it felt a little bit "done" if you know what I mean. Anyway, the lovely Get Lippie suggested doing a FOTD as she's not seen many looks done with this palette, so here it is. I also decided to do a little video review with swatches just for something a little different.

I used the first four colours from the Palette to create this look (Shimmery Olive, Shimmery Burnt Orange, Shimmery Cranberry and Matte Biscuit). I blended the Biscuit all over the lid up to the brow bone, then applied the Burnt Orange across the inner 3/4 of my lid. I then blended the Cranberry into the outer 1/4 and along the crease. Finally I added the Olive to the inner corner and outer corner.

Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara
Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Black Brown
Boots Botanicals Blush in Hollyhock
ELF Mineral Lipstick in Barely Bitten
Foundation is a mix of Lancome Adaptive in Lys Rose and The Body Shop Moisturising Foundation in 4

And here's the video review. Be warned, I'm wearing no make up :D

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Friday, 26 March 2010

Mineral Foundation - What do you use?

Hello Lovelies!

So, you might remember that in my Top 5 post a couple of days ago, I mentioned that I was really enjoying the bareMinerals sample that I got etc etc. Anyway, I went to the bareMinerals counter the other day to consider giving it a go. Whenever I've used it, it's given me great coverage and felt really nice and natural. The woman on the counter showed me just Get Started Kit:
which contains:

  • 2 X Foundation Shades

  • Mineral Veil or Tinted Mineral Veil

  • Warmth

  • Full Flawless Face Brush

  • Flawless Application Face Brush

  • Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush or Light Stroke Brush

  • Bisque Multi-Tasking Concealer

  • Get Started DVD

  • I didn't buy it for a couple of reasons, and I was just wondering if any other bloggers own this kit or any other bareMinerals and what they think of it?

    Also, if you don't use bareMinerals but do use Mineral foundation - what do you use/where's it from and why do you use it?

    Many thanks in advance lovelies - I look forward to reading your comment on this one!
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    Thursday, 25 March 2010

    Lush Colour Supplements Review

    As I'm sure many of you will know, Lush's sister company, B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful, closed down at the start of the year. B Never specialised in cruelty free, vegan make-up and offered everything from amazingly bright glitters to gorgeously creamy khols. One of the plus sides of B closing is that Lush are picking up a few bits and bobs from the B Never lines, as well as starting to introduce some new products that are slightly more make up and skin care focused.

    The first of these was the Lush Colour Supplements. I'm quite friendly with a couple of the SAs at my local Lush and was lucky enough to be given very generous samples of both the Light and the Dark Yello Colour Supplements.
    What are they?
    The colour supplements are meant to act as a multipurpose facial colour that can be used in three different ways:

    1. They can be mixed into your normal moisturiser to create a tinted moisturiser
    2. They can be applied directly onto the skin as foundation
    3. They can be used as concealer
    They're made with a base of Fresh Rose Petal Infusion, Soya Oil and Rice Bran Oil, so they're pretty gentle and moisturising. Saying that, oilier skins may find that these just slip right off. Also, if your foundation is water based (i.e. oil free) you might have a bit of a problem mixing them together. Why? Water and oil don't really mix that well.
    Does it work?
    Well, yes and no really. I'll discuss each of the ways of using them in the same numerical order to make it easier.

    1. This is definitely my preferred way of using them. They give a nice hint of colour without the faff of applying foundation. I've actually been doing this and then using a thin layer of bareMinerals foundation over the top to even out some of my redness and it's been working really nicely. The only slightly annoying thing is that I'm not a Light Yellow or a Dark Yellow - my perfect match is a mix of the two. Stupid faffy skin.
    2. Urgh. Hello pores, wrinkles and scabby bits that I didn't even know existed. This was quite honestly a traumatic experience. Using this as a foundation did not work for me - it gives a really heavy coverage and has a very trad foundation look/feel if you know what I mean ... you can really tell that you're wearing make up and it settles into all the bits you don't want it to settle into and clings into all the bits you don't want it to cling to.
    3. Again, I'm not really a fan of using these as concealer - I'd rather just use a light dusting of mineral foundation over the top to even things out a little.
    Would I buy this again? I probably will do actually - I really like having a tinted moisturiser option that doesn't require me using an entirely different moisturiser and I've only needed to use a teeny tiny amount of my samples so far (and I've used them a lot) so I can see these being pretty good value for money
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ out of 5 for option 1
    ♥ out of 5 for options 2 and 3
    Price: £7.50 for 20g from Lush (Available in Light and Dark Pink and Light and Dark Yellow) 

    *Disclaimer* These products were given to me as free samples for personal use and my reviews always reflect my honest opinion. I am in no way affliated with Lush or paid to review for them.
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    Monday, 22 March 2010

    Current Top 5 Products

    Hey Lovelies!

    It's looking like the virus is finally gone, but I still daren't log in to anything on my computer - the combination of that and the fact that I look utterly rough as a result of the fluyness means that there's not going to be any FOTDs for a little while. I thought that instead I'd share my current Top 5 Products :) In no particular order....

    1. Bourjois Ultra Black Volume Glamour Mascara
    I love love love this mascara! It gives me amazing volume, length and such a deep black colour with no clumps and no flaking. It's such a simple mascara in some ways and really cheap (it's normally on offer for about £5.99 in Boots or Superdrug). I've tried many different mascaras, but I just keep coming back to this!

    2. Dove Beauty Body Wash Fresh Cucumber Green Tea 

    I'm a sucker for anything green tea and fresh and this really hits the button. It's a really luxurious feeling shower gel and the smell stays with you for ages. Nice and moisturising too!

    3.bareMinerals Foundation in Medium Beige
    I got a sample of this in with my Urban Decay Alice Palette and a)it came with a super cute mini Kabuki and b)it was a perfect match! I'm really loving this at the moment and seriously considering buying a full size version, although it's soooooo expensive! :( I wear it over my normal moisturiser mixed with a little of the Dark Yellow Lush Colour Supplement. It gives such great coverage but doesn't really look like you're wearing much make up at all!

    3. Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
    If you don't own this already, buy it! It's not really an eyeshadow primer.... it's more like magic glue to make your eyeshadow even more sparkly and glittery and to increase its staying power. It really intensifies the colour of your eyeshadow and gives them extra pop! You need such a tiny amount that this tube would last you forever (or close enough). Buy it.

    5.Boots 17 Solo Eyeshadow in Ivory Coast
    I bought this ages ago... I don't really know why to be honest, it's such a plain, boring colour. However, I've been using this colour pretty much all the time recently. I love to sweep it all over my lid as a second primer (over UDPP) - it evens out the pigmentation on my eyelids (I have quite darkly pigmented lids), works as a good undereye concealer and just generally makes things nice. It's a great colour to just pop on alone for a quick and very natural look or works nicely with a whole range of colours. It's also incredibly velvety and smooth and one of the only mattes that I own and love.

    What are your current top 5?
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    Saturday, 20 March 2010

    Neal and Wolf Part 2: A Silky Glow

    Ok, it's about time I wrote Part Two of this two parter, don't you think?

    One thing that I think is worth noting is that on a daily basis, I don't really use styling products on my hair, with the exception of the occasional bit of Toni & Guy Texture Paste if I have a hot date with The Husband. Also if you want to see the background of Neal and Wolf, my hair profile etc check out Part One.

    Silk Smoothing Blow-dry Balm:
    What do they say?
    SILK puts an end to tangles and frizz. Hydrating wheat protein complex provides moisture, balance and manageability.

    The result: sleek, straight and silky-smooth hair. 

    I used a smallish blob of this on towel dried hair, worked it through and then blow dried the way I always do (no brush, just fingers). I have to say, I was really quite impressed. My hair has natural kinks and waves all over the place and this pretty much got rid of them all and yet still left me with good texture and volume. It smells gorgeous (remember I told you that they had the fragrance designed in a perfume house? You can really tell with this) and helps to gets rid of a fair few of my frizzies! It also didn't irritate my scalp, which is always a bonus!

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ out of 5
    Would I buy it again? Possibly - it would depend on the price for me.

    Glow Super Shine Spray:
     What do they say?

    GLOW is a weightless spray that adds deep, lasting shine.

    Its unique formula also helps to smooth hair, controlling frizz and reducing static. The result? Incredible all-over shine that leaves hair glowing.
    Wow, this really does make your hair shiny - I mean, I normally have very shiny hair anyway, but this gives it a great extra bit of shiny oomf! I'm not sure how much it controlled my frizz, but then again, I wasn't really using it for frizz control anyway (it's winter, therefore I resign myself to Harry Potter levels of hair wildness). This also has the classic Neal and Wolf signiture smell - I'd say this is the strongst smelling of all their products (I found that I had to be quite careful with how much I used - one spritz too many did give me a migrane on one occasion, but I'm super sensitive to smells anyway so I imagine it's just me... no really, I am... I'm convinced I can smell gas in our tap water all the time). This would be a great little hair pick-me-up for the morning after or on days when you want your hair to have a bit of extra oomf but can't quite be bothered to wash it, It's really quite a versitle product and not in a massive bottle so (if you were that way inclined) you could probably pop it in your bag to give our hair a quick spritz at the end of a busy day to perk it up for a straight from work night out.

     ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  and a 1/2 out of 5 (1/2 lost for the smell being a little too strong for me)
    Would I buy it again? Probably so :)

    Also, one other little note - I was chatting to the lovely PR lady who sent me these about the fact that a lot of reviewers haven't liked the lack of instructions on the product themselves - as these products are intended to be sold mainly in specialist salons, it was intended that a full consultation and explaination would be given there. However, Neal and Wolf have heard your cries for instructions and, like gorgeous Fairy Godmothers of Hair, your wish is their demand and all Neal and Wolf products will now feature full instructions for use!

    However, if you've got the old style packaging and are wondering how on earth to use your lovely shampoo or shine spray, just visit their website, click on the relevant products and you'll find instructions for use :)

    As stated in Part One, these products were sent to me for review purposes, however I am not payed to write them and my reviews will always reflect my honest opinions.
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    Blog Silence

    Hello lovely peeps,

    Apologies for the blog silence - I've been really ill all week and then yesterday, my one night in where I had plans for many a blog post, my computer picked up a really nasty virus and we're still trying to fix it :(

    Hence I'm writing this post from The Husband's computer (which is old and quite slow) and I have none of my pictures nor do I have the capacity to upload any :(

    Anyway, I'm sure normal service will resume shortly, but I just wanted to say sorry for the quietness!

    Also - Caz and Lillian - your packages will be sent out at the start of next week ... flu has been keeping me housebound!
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    Tuesday, 16 March 2010

    A thought about Fyrinnae

    Many of you will know that I have a lot of love for the Fyrinnae guys - their stuff convinced me that colourful make up was fun again and I frequently lust over beautiful things on their site. I also follow them on twitter and blogger and therefore know that they work obscenely hard. Their fan base has massively increased over the past couple of months and therefore their average number of orders per week has zoomed up.

    That's why it came as no surprise when I heard that they were going to do a little price increase - I mean, most companies have had to eek up the prices a little recently (we are at the end of a recession if you rememember) and many indie companies have really been hit hard by the financial climate over the last year or two.

    As it is, they're only planning on changing the prices a teeny tiny bit (I'd understand all the fuss if they were hiking up samples to $3, but they're not) and actually, they're planning on increasing sample sizes and on stopping the limit on how many samples you can order.

    And yet, I've been seeing and hearing so much whining and bitching and just general horribleness about this. Stop it. Seriously, ladies (and guys), just stop it. These guys work hard, they sacrifice so much to provide excellent products and excellent service. Bullying them because they're trying to make their business financially viable is shocking.

    Apologies if this post offends you. I just hate to see a good company dragged down by people with nothing better to do than moan and whine.
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    Monday, 15 March 2010

    A teeny tiny extra treat

    So, I was just sat here having a think and I decided that it wouldn't kill me to throw in a runner up prize for my blog giveaway. There's been mahoosive amounts of people entering and I really am quite shocked that I have 90 followers. Anyway, I went back to random.org, popped in my numbers again *poof* out comes number:
    Which is the lovely Lillian Funny Face! An email will be winging its way to you shortly :D

    Ok, that really is the end of my giveaway now. Kaploof. Finished.
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    Danger, danger, High Voltage!

    Well ok, the only real danger with this company is that you'll end up spending pennies, but I just can't help but sing that song whenever I think about High Voltage Cosmetics! :D

    I'd read bits and bobs about this brand recently so I decided to pop in an oder for some eyeshadow samples.I paid $17.00 (including speedy shipping to the UK) for my order of 20 samples, which arrived in under 2 weeks. I can't find anything that says what size the samples are, but from looking I'd say 1/4 tsp. All samples are clearly labelled with a printed High Voltage Cosmetics sticker and come in clear plastic baggies. I was also sent 3 extra samples, although I'm not sure which these were as I can't actually remember which 20 I originally ordered!

    Anyway, here's some swatches for you to puruse at your lesiure.

    I found these really easy to swatch actually (except for Yes, Mistress! which just looks like a dull matte black on my arm.... I kept adding more to see if I could see the purpleyness of it, hence why the swatch is such a mess!) - the texture is very smooth and velvety and they are very richly pigmented.

    One teeny tiny complaint I have is that a couple of the colours weren't quite fully blended (Leather and Lace seems to have seperated so there's massive chunks of orange smeered up the bag and then a layer of black glittery stuff at the top, Totally Rad! Had massive chunks of bright blue and yellow in it and Is This Love? has a few really bright orange bits that aren't quite blended in). Like I say though, that's only a small thing and doesn't seem to have affected the general colour of quality (I smooshed the bags a bit and that seems to help!)

    I will definiately be buying from High Voltage again - speedy delivery, god quality products and a great range of colours! Huzzah! You can get your own lovely High Voltage goodies here!

    Oh, I almost forgot, here's the actual samples themselves:
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    Sunday, 14 March 2010

    80 Follower Giveaway Update!

    Goodness me, I have 86 followers. That's a very lovely surprise to come home to after a wee mini break with The Husband. The other lovely surprise that I came home to was to find that the garlic bulbs we planted in January have finally started shooting, but that's probably quite dull so I'll shush and hush!

    Anyway, as promised, this giveaway just keeps on growing! The latest addition to the bundle is:
    The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver. Yummy :D

    If you've not already entered yet, the giveaway itself is here!
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    Friday, 12 March 2010

    Giveaway Addition :)

    Also whilst I've been away, I seem to have smashed through the 70 followers mark - thank you so much lovelies!! That also means adding yet another goody to my giveaway, and this time it's going to be:
    That one is mine - I have a brand new one just for you in my bag downstairs but I'm being lazy! Just in case you can't see the picture for whatever reason, this is a Mini Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara and I flipping love it to bits! (I even prefer it to Lancome Hypnose :D)

    My giveaway only has 3 days left and you can enter it here!
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    FOTD White Rabbit ate my stash of mushrooms

    Sorry for the blog silence over the last couple of days - I've been having a bit of an emotional week as I've officially announced that I'm leaving my job (and I really love the people in my office) and I've started my new job as well! Anyway, here's a little FOTD I did using my Urban Decay Alice Palette:
    Ok so the bottom picture is ridiculous, but it shows off my new hair quite nicely so just ignore the come hither look.

    Lancome Adaptive Foundation in Lys Rose
    ELF Mineral Lipstick in Barely Bitten
    No7 Natural Radiance Highlighter (cheekbones, nose, chin)
    Benefit Dandelion

    UDPP all over
    UDAP (Urban Decay Alice Palette) Drink me, Eat me (all over up to brow bone)
    UDAP Muchness (all over lid)
    UDAP Mushroom (outer third)
    UDAP Vorpal (crease and outer v)
    UDAP White Rabbit (inner corner)
    NO7 Natural Radiance Highlighter (brow bone)
    UD 24/7 liner in Stash (upper and lower lashlines, smudged)
    UD 24/7 liner in Zero (waterlines)
    Rimmel Professional Eyebrown Pencil in Black Brown
    Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara (2 coats)
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    Wednesday, 10 March 2010

    Hair Straighteners

    So I had my hair cut yesterday, and my lovely hairdresser used GHDs to do pretty things (hairdressers always get excited by my hair and always end up asking me if they can do something fun with it at the end ... it adds on an extra 45 minutes but costs me nothing so I say yes). Having GHDs used on my hair made me remember how utterly rubbish the straighteners I own (but rarely use) are.

    I can't really afford any but I was just wondering what straighteners you ladies use, and if you think that there's anything that can beat the might GHDs?

    Interestingly, my hairdressers were sent Cloud Nine straighteners but didn't really rate them against GHDs - I know that a lot of you ladies have been sent them to try, what did you think?
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    Monday, 8 March 2010

    FOTD: Rapunzel fell from grace

    Sorry for the sudden flurry of posts ... I really am loving having a camera again!  Anyway, here's a quick look I did this morning before running out of the house for work. I decided to keep it quite simple, fresh and natural. Also, I apologise for the mahoosive spot on the end of my nose - I blame stress!


    Lush Colour Supplements in Dark Yellow (mixed with my normal Origins moisturiser)
    Benefit Dandelion

    Urban Decay Primer Potion
    Boots 17 Solo Eyeshadow in Ivory Coast (all over eye up to brown bone)
    Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (ontop of Ivory Coast, over lid only)
    Fyrinnae Rapunzel had Extensions (all over lid)
    Fyrinnae Fall from Grace (outer two thirds and blended)
    Sleek Storm palette No. 5 (inner corner)
    Sleek Storm palette No. 6 (outer V)
    Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Rockstar (waterline and blended along upper and lower lashline)
    Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara

    The Body Shop Colourglide Lip Colour in 48 Soft Peony
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    International Women's Day

    Today is (apparently) International Women's Day. I am a woman. This post is about that. Apologies if it shows up in your feed twice, I'm posting it in both blogs.

    I am a woman (I am not a girl).
    I am a daughter (but I will never be a birth mother)
    I am a wife (and one part of a whole)
    I am a princess (of the King of Heaven)
    I am a leader (I'm willing to be led)
    I am unique (and wouldn't ever change that)
    I am mere flesh and bone (but I have a soul and a voice)

    I have been hurt (I've chosen to forgive)
    I have lived in fear (I try to cling to hope)
    I have known hate (I have hated myself)
    I have felt envy (I try to appreciate what I have)
    I have been weak (I'm very rarely strong)
    I have lived a life of shame (I'm learning to walk with my head held high)

    I long for joy (and know that it exists)
    I aim to love (but accept that I won't always suceed)
    I want to live (and help others give life a try)
    I've been set free (yet didn't know I was enslaved)
    I am a woman (I am not a girl)
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    (Not so recent) Fyrinnae Haul

    I think it's about a gazillion years since I got this haul, but it came when my camera wasn't sans XD card! However, my XD card finaly arrived (and I almost sobbed with joy), so now I can share my Fyrinnae prettiness with you all. All pictures were taken in natural daylight and all swatches were dry and unprimed (It was a bit of a hellish swatching day ... everytime I used Pixie Epoxy the pictures came out weird, but I might end up adding some Epoxied swatches later on)

    (L-R Row 1 Nonsense!, Delvian, Beholder, Fall from Grace
    Row 2 Treacle Well, Ravens & Writing Desks, Rapunzel had Extensions, Banana Mochi, Chaotic Evil*
    Row 3 Android Angel, Looking Glass, +20 Beautification, Curiouser and Curiouser, Adam and Steve's)

    (If you click on the hand pictures, you'll get taken to a massive version of my hand but you'll also see the colours slightly better)
    I think my favourites from this haul are Curiouser and Curiouser (such a gorgeous blue!) and Banana Mochi, but they're all lovely!

    Have you ever tried Fyrinnae? If you have, what did you most recent haul from them include?

    *Chaotic Evil was sent as a free sample with my order, all other shadows were paid for with my own pennies :D

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    ELF Mineral Lipsticks

    The ELF website hasn't had much stock recently, and I've really been wanting to try some of their stuff as I've heard lots of good reviews so when I saw that Almond Blossom was selling 3 liptsticks on the Lush Forum I decided to give them a try :D

    I bought Nicely Nude, Bare Brown and Barely Bitten. They come in lovely sleek black packaging and cost £3.50 from the ELF website. The consistancey of these lipsticks is quite thick and creamy - you can definitely feel you've got them on!, but I'd probably advise using a lipbalm underneath as they are slightly drying.

    (L-R Nicely Nude, Barely Bitten, Bare Brown)

    Nicely Nude - a warm pink/coral based nude (slight shimmer)
    Barely Bitten - orange based red with a slight hint of gold (slight shimmer)
    Bare brown - chocolate brown (matte)

    I've been wearing Nicely Nude quite a lot and Bare Bitten isn't too bad (I have neautral undertones which lean more towards cool than warm but I can just about pull this colour off) but Bare Brown looks awful on me! It's very richly pigmented and just ages me! 

    Have you tried the ELF mineral lipsticks? What did you think? Do you have a favourite?
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