I've had lots of lovely comments about my recipes, so I'll be updating this page everytime I add a new one so that you can find your favourites quickly and easily! Enjoy :) xx

All of my recipes are vegetarian and wheat free. Those that are vegan or easily veganised (i.e. replace cheese with cheeze) are marked with a V. Those that are completely gluten free (i.e. contain no oats) or can be easily made gluten free are marked GF

Breakfast Treats:
American Style Peanut, Apple and Blueberry Pancakes V GF
American Style Blueberry Peanut-Chocolate Chip Pancakes V GF
Bananarama Smoothie V GF
Banana Peanut Oaty Breakfast Cake V
Homemade (mostly) Raw Choc-o-nut Cereal V
Protein-a-licious Smoothie V GF

Main Courses
Curried Quinoa Salad V GF
Garlicy Mushroom, Spinach and Babycorn Wraps GF (V option)
Mediterranean Vegetable and Lentil Crumble V GF
Saag Paneer GF (V option)
Spinach, Mushroom and Lentil Spaghetti Bolognese V GF
Vegetarian Paella V GF
Veggie Chilli (and Tacos!) V GF
Veggie Chilli Pasta Bake V GF
Winter Warmer Stew V GF

Desserts, Snacks and Post-Run Treats
Bana-nut Mousse filled Chocolate Cups V GF
Chocolate Pear Recovery Shake V GF
Simple Flapjack Topped Pear Crumble V
Wheat Free Cookie Pie V

Coming Soon

Gluten Free Chocolate Shortbread