Thursday, 15 September 2011

Topman replied...

... and here's what they said:

"Dear Emily, 

Thank you for your email received 14 September 2011, 
regarding the ‘New Girlfriend’ T-shirt.
I was extremely concerned to note your comments on the design that is on this T-shirt, and would like to offer my sincere apologies on behalf of Topman for the obvious upset this particular garment has caused you.
Topman stock T-shirts with various designs on them, and by featuring this particular design we certainly did not mean to cause offence to our customers or any members of the public. Please accept my assurances that this image was meant to be light hearted without carrying any serious meaning.
I have passed a copy of your email to our Buying Director, so that he is aware of how strongly you feel about this issue. We are proud of our reputation as a retailer, and do not want to risk damaging this by causing any unnecessary upset to anyone. He has confirmed that the decision has been made to remove this T-shirt from online and in store.

I am grateful you have taken the time to bring your concerns to our attention, and once again apologise for the upset this T-shirt caused you.


Topman Customer Service"

Anyone else get a response from them?

UPDATE: Having spoken to another friend who emailed them, this is their copy and paste response (as I expected)


  1. A copy and paste response always sucks ):

  2. At least they responded, lol! I still can't believe they did that.

  3. Bit dissapointing this was just a copied and pasted response.. does little to improve the bad feelings this has caused.. :/

  4. I suppose it is a good thing they replied and maybe a copy and paste response shows how high the complaints were, or could just be laziness! xxx

  5. I'm disturbed that they even have a copy and paste response - either they got so many complaints from this shirt or they get complaints quite often! I'm glad they replied though.


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