Saturday, 12 November 2011

I'm not dead!

Honest! But I have been crazily busy recently.

I moved down to London last Sunday, on my own, and started my new job on Monday. I'm very, very fortunate to have so many friends already here in old London Town, so I've certainly not been bored for my first week - I've been off galavanting here, there and everywhere! In fact, today is my first day where I have nothing at all planned (I was originally going to the Fem 11 conference but you know what? I just needed the time to myself). I'm living in Greenwich but I haven't seen anything of Greenwich itself other than my daily walk to and from the station, so I plan to go exploring there at some point soon too!

I'm sorry that the blog has been neglected a little over the last few months - there's been some fairly intense personal stuff going on and, if I'm honest, I haven't eaten that healthily and nor have I really done anything you could call exercise. Life has mainly been focused on getting through each day to the next.

Rest assured though that now things are a little more settled, you'll be hearing more from me again. In fact, I have a super easy apple and cinnamon flapjack recipe that I'm planning on whipping up a batch of today, so I might just share that with you later.

Now, enough about me, what I really want to know is How are you?!

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  1. Greenwich is lovely :-) Good luck with the new job, life, home - very exciting!


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