Friday, 16 August 2013

Meet Boudicca (My Beautiful Pashley Princess Sovereign)

Since moving to London, one of the things I've missed the most has been cycling. When I lived in York, I cycled to and from work most days, and would often take long weekend cycles along country paths. However, the fear of London roads and a consistently lengthy commute means I ended up selling my bike not long after I moved to London, throwing £100 or so at TFL each month for the joy of using their "services".

I feel it's important to introduce you to my old bike first - she was my 2nd bike, my 1st being a battered 60s shopper from York Bike Rescue. The 2nd bike was a Raleigh Caprice, also from the York Bike Rescue project and she did me a good few years. I sold her to a friend, who's recently sold her to another friend. It's good to know that she's still loved and used and enjoying life on the roads. I always feel a bit bad that I never gave her a name.

But now, there's a beautiful new girl in my life. My new job has a shorter commute and cycling is a viable option. It should also save me plenty of money and give me a wee bit of a fitness boost. I spent a lot of time researching which bike to go for, but in the end my heart guided me and I went with a Pashley Princess Sovereign (which I'll be paying for for the next few years thanks to the Pay4Later option at Urban Cyclery). 

Pashley Princess Sovereign

I went with the Pashley Princess Sovereign because she had everything I wanted - a strong and sturdy steel loop frame, ding dong bell, lugged frame, dress guards so that my long autumn skirts don't get stuck, hub brakes, 5 hub gears, a full chain case to stop me from being covered in mud when it rains, a beautiful wicker basket, dynamo lights, a pannier rack and a snazzy integrated rear wheel lock for an additional element of safety. It's love, for sure.

Pashleys are by no means cheap, but they're beautiful and incredibly well made (and still made in Stratford Upon Avon). And why Boudicca? Partly because Boudicca is somewhat of a hero of mine, but also because despite the fact that this is very clearly a femmey bike, she's also pretty strong, hardworking and sturdy. I wanted a bike that I'd feel safe on, and she's definitely that. 

I'm looking forward to regaling you with tales of my adventures as a cyclist in London. I'm already a bit bike obsessed, so there's be details of rides, bike accessory reviews (I'm looking forward to sharing my helmet choice with you!) and various bits of chit chat about my new found love on the blog too.

Do you cycle? What's your bike of choice?
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