Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Camera Questions

Hello lovelies!

Bit of an odd one today, but I want to ask you (my wonderful readers) a question - what camera do you use and what do you love/hate about it?

This is my camera - a Fuji FinePix s5600 and it does me ok considering it only cost me £139 5 years ago. I've taken some of my favourite pictures with it (you can see some on my Flickr) but it's utterly rubbish in low lighting and can be quite grainy/blurry at times. Also, the viewy bit on the back isn't that big, which means I can rarely see what's going on and I end up getting home to discover that all my "lovely pictures" are actually just a big blurry mess.

So to cut to the chase, I'm looking for recommendations of other cameras that you use so that I can try and work out what to do with myself - shall I just keep on keeping on with this little beast or shall I get something new and exciting?


  1. I'm getting the Panasonic FS30 for Christmas, 14mp 8x optical zoom and great reviews for £122 on Amazon! The parents recently got the panasonic TZ10 and it's AMAAAZING but it's over £200 so not going there!

    Currently I just use my phone (Nokia 5800) it's only 3.something MP but it's got Carl Zeiss optics and I think it's really pretty good, all the pictures on my blog are taken with it.


  2. I have a Canon PowerShot, one of the many they've released... it's got 10mp (or 10.5, I can't remember) but the main thing I love is the macro function, it really helps to focus in on nail shots, etc. The main thing I DON'T like is that it uses batteries, and a lot of them! I feel like the batteries are constantly dead. Rechargeables do help though. I had a nice camera that could charge thru the wall but I lost it in England :(

  3. My camera is some crapola point and shoot Fuji! It's ok for quick snaps but for anything else it's not that great. I've done loads and loads (and loads) of camera research and I've decided on the Olympus E-PL1 Pen Compact System Camera for xmas. I'd love a DSLR but I'd rather get something smaller that can come everywhere with me. Compact System cameras are worth checking out if you want something compact but with changeable lenses.

    My Dad was a huge SLR fan and he always went for Pentax or Nikon as he said those were the best quality.


Your comments and thoughts are really appreciated :) Thank you for taking the time to chat xx