Sunday, 28 November 2010

Review - Eyeko London Lips Glosses

Hello Lovelies!

Phew - what a week! I've been dashing all over the place but it's been completely worth it! I've had such a fun few days, which I'll tell you more about over the next week or so. For now though, I though I'd do a cheeky little review of the three Eyeko London Lips Glosses that I own.

Aren't they beautiful?! From Left to Right we have Knightsbridge, Shoreditch and Soho. Of course it's all very well and good to have pretty packaging and nice colours in the tubes, but what are they like on the lips?

Quite honestly? A dream. They have fab pigmentation, but can also be sheered out, they're fantastically moisturising and aren't at all sticky. To me, they feel almost like a cross between a lipstick and a gloss - the texture is very creamy and thick, not all runny and goopy. Knighstbridge has a bit of sparkle/glitter, but it's not at all gritty and doesn't make you look like you've been snogging a glitter ball. But don't just take my word for it, have a look at how they are on the lips....

First up, Knightsbridge. See, a nice pale pink (but not too pale) with a hint of sparkley niceness

Next we have Shoreditch. This was the first London Lips gloss that I got (I was sent after my Ambassador code was used for the first time) and I've been wearing this almost every day. It's a lovely dusky rose pink that gives a great "your lips but better" sort of look.

Finally, Soho. Blue toned fushcia, which can be worn loud and proud or (if you're like me) sheered out a bit for a nice pop of colour on a dull winter day.

London Lips cost £6.50 from Eyeko and if you spend over £15, feel free to pop in my Ambassador code (E12559) for an extra special gift!

Ladies, have you tried London Lips? What did you think? Do you have a favourite colour?

*Disclaimer* I was sent Shoreditch as part of the Ambassador scheme, the other two were bought with my own pennies :)

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  1. Knightsbridge looks lovely! I loooove nudes lol


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