Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A bit of food based reflection

Hey lovelies,

So after yesterday's food based melt down, I've done a bit of reflection and established the following things:

  • I need to stop apologising for being a wheat free mostly vegan. I apologise for it all the time and tell people it doesn't matter but actually, it does!
  • I'm going to reintroduce goats cheese into my diet because it doesn't seem to screw with my body too much  and it'll be a good extra source of fat and protein and calcium.
  • Eggs are icky. I intend to carry on avoiding them.
  • Microwaveable ice packs are my friend. I discovered some dairy and gluten free risotto packs today, so that's good. Once my stomach has settled, I can go back to my old favourite of Uncle Ben's Spicy Mexican Rice. Adding cashews to them for protein and maybe a few baby sweetcorn or some mushrooms will help balance them out a bit more.
  • I need to start bulk cooking things at the weekend to freeze into portions. This means scheduling time into my diary to do this!
Thank you to those of you who helped out yesterday. Any other suggestions or words of advice would be gratefully received.

What do you eat for lunch?

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  1. Never apologise for what you eat and don't eat! Which is so easy to say, I know. I've taken to quickly explain that Celiac is actually an auto immune disease and that it's not just an allergy or whatever. That tends to shut people up. I'm so not going into any detail because omg over sharing, but it's something at least. Good luck with the goat cheese! When I last tried it, it was somewhat of a disaster, but I can eat halloumi now, so maybe I'll give it another shot...


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