Monday, 5 December 2011

Food Woes!


So I try to keep my ranting and such away from the blog, but at the moment, I'm having a bit of a bout of the food woes and I was wondering if any of you can shed some light or give me some inspiration/advice on how best to cope with it.

As most of you know, I'm wheat intolerant (although I've been extremely bad about avoiding it recently), mostly vegan (and that's partially because of my body's reaction to dairy since getting ill with post viral fatigue)... what you might not know is that I'm also kinda intolerant to tomatoes and peppers.

The result of this is that I'm basically feeling immensely frustrated by food... I've been stupidly busy since moving to London and tend to eat out most days. As a result, I'm not eating properly and my lunches are really bad.

I hate lunch at the best of times (finding interesting wheat free, dairy free, veggie options that aren't heavy on tomatoes and peppers = really not easy) but at the moment, I'm just completely bewildered. Breakfast I just don't care about and I've taken to skipping and dinner tends to be eaten on the hoof.

It got to the point today where I stood with a packet of stuffed vine leaves in my hand in Marks and Spencers and just sobbed when I saw they had tomatoes in. Normally, they'd be fine, but after my body's reaction to peppers yesterday, I knew I had to leave them be. Instead, I spent £8 on lunch from Whole Foods. Not cool.

Essentially what I'm saying is, what on earth can I eat?! How can I fall in love with food again when my body is being so anti everything? Also, unlike a lot of food bloggers, a salad doesn't work for me lunch wise. I know my body well enough to know that I need carbs to sustain me. I'm also concerned I'm not getting enough protein at the moment (I've had massive meat cravings).

Sorry for the slightly whiny post but please, can anyone help me get my food shaped mojo back?!
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  1. I have a wheat allergy (Coeliac disease runs in my family an that is probably where I'm heading). I'm also on a budget and can't afford to spend silly money on lunches. I get round it my making a huge batch of soup (using gluten free stock cubes of course!) on a Saturday or Sunday and popping portions in freezer bags. Currently in my freezer I have brocolli + stilton, butternut squash + chilly and leek an potato. Long story short each batch costs about £5 to make but lasts ages and you always have a healthy lunch to grab on your way out of the door without thinking about it. If you have access to a microwave during the day it's worth trying!

    Unfortunately it is hard to get wheat free lunches on the fly. Sorry for the mini essay! x

  2. Sorry your feeling so frustrated, that does sound so difficult having to avoid so many foods! This comment may not make a lot of sense as I've got 2 children running around me, but off the top of my head...

    Your comment about salads made me think - I never eat traditional "green" salads, but love carby salads. My Mum used to make a tasty rice salad with raw mushrooms, spring onions and coleslaw (can you make this dairy free?). I also love quinoa salad with roasted squash etc -Peas & Crayons has a recipe that I'm planning to make for Christmas which is basically curried quinoa salad with cranberries, roasted bns and roasted cauliflower.

    What did you buy at Wholefoods? Can you recreate that at home? Although from your Twitter feed you seem super busy, so I'm guessing you also don't have a lot of time for cooking!

    Protein i'm not much help with as I rely heavily on eggs & dairy. I love marinated and then grilled tofu though, you could add that to carby salads too.

    I hope you get lots of other suggestions and start enjoying food again. Take care of yourself too, you've had lots of changes recently, you probably need some time to adjust so don't beat yourself up for having to rely on eating out etc x

  3. Hope your ok chick! I guess it sounds like grain based salads with tofu and beans might be the way to go, biggest problem is obviously the time factor but if you can find a spare hour to cook up a massive pot of rice then just chop a load of veggies and add a couple of tins of beans in the mix you could store that in the fridge and just fill a lunch box as you go. Hope other than the food thing and your fibro playing up your ok and having a blast in London xxx


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