Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 Goals

Hello Lovelies,

A belated happy new year to you all. I saw in the New Year with some delightful friends at a post-apocalyptic warehouse party... sooo many awesome costumes. I looked a little like this:

Annnyway, a new year is an excellent time to set some goals and think about what you want to achieve. I can't stand making resolutions because in all honesty, I find them too focused on taking things away from yourself and pressurising yourself into doing things. Goals, however, are all about making yourself more excellent and come with a degree of flexibility. You break a resolution, but you can always be working towards a goal - a far more positive and achievable way of doing things.

So, my 2012 goals list is:

  • Establish a weight training regime
  • Enter two 10k races
  • Possibly (depending on how my health holds up) enter a half marathon at the end of the year
  • Get my relationship with food back to a positive, happy place
  • Make more things! (Mainly sewing, but crocheting and knitting too)
  • Improve my posture and flexibility
  • Take better care of myself generally (or, as my housemate says, apply my own oxygen mask first before I look after everyone else)
  • See my sisters more
  • Visit 2 new countries
  • Journal more (I have a Wellbeing journal which I'll share with you in another post and a couple of person journals too)
Personally, I'm feeling pretty positive about all of these. All of them feel achievable, all of them are things which are going to make life a bit more awesome.

What are your goals for 2012?


  1. Good luck with your goals . It's amazing how similar everyone's goals/resolutions seem to be. We all appear to want to be better versions of who we are. Who can ask for more?

  2. You look blooming gorgeous petal! Great goals I'm sure 2012 is going to be great for you :-)

  3. Why wasn't I at a post-apocalyptic warehouse party?! Booo. You look gorgeous.

  4. You look amazing btw :-) my goals for 2012 is training:-) And be a better blogger :-) i was so lazy last year...

  5. You look so lovely all dress up- love the bow and lippy on you! x

  6. You are looking HOT!!! Great goals- good luck with them xxx

  7. You look amazing! Good luck with your goals this year :)


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