Friday, 16 July 2010

Keep on running

Hello :)

I'm back... sort of. I've decided to broaden things out so as well as posts on make up and beauty, you'll be seeing a bit more about my running/training for my 10k, my love of organisation (hello planner p*rn) and a few of the other things that pop into my head.

Today, something utterly terrifying arrived....

I am now nothing but a number! A terrified, quaking in her boots sort of number. I'll admit that I've not been the most disciplined person in the world with my training (partially my own fault and partially because I've been plauged with injury and illness over the last couple of months) so the thought of running 10k in a little over 2 weeks fills me with fear.

However, there is hope in this dark, dark tunnel. What is this hope? Today I ran a personal best. Not only did I run a personal best, I ran a negative split (for a easy to understand explaination of negative splits see this post by the most excellent Oh She Glows - also, if you don't already read her blog, go and do it! It'll change your life)

What was this personal best, I hear you cry! Well, it looks something like this:

Distance: 4km
Time: 25:56

Km 1: 5:51
Km 2: 6:35
Km 3: 6:35
Km 4: 5:30

I have never run 4km - the closest I've come is 3.58km and that took me 25:57 - today I was 1 second faster but ran 0.42km more :D

Finally, I'll leave you with a little list of what's spurring me on in my running at the moment:

  • Oh She Glows
  • My Nike+ Sportsband - the nifty little gadget that tells me how far I've run and how fast!
  • The mantra "You are stronger than you think"
  • The extremely generous and lovely people who've sponsored me (which you can do here if you feel that way inclined!)
  • Being reminded how awesome the medical advancements are in Cystic Fibrosis treatment at the moment - it's awesome to see my husband and sister in law getting such excellent treatment
  • The terrifying prospect of not completing the run in under 2 hours and therefore not getting an official chip time!
Are any of you runners? What tips do you have? Who or what is inspiring you in your running at the moment?


  1. Welcome back!! I couldn't run if my life depended on it haha!

    good luck xx

  2. Jen - thanks :D Haha that's what I used to say and now I actually vaguely enjoy it sometimes as well! At the start I could run like 50m before I wanted to die, maybe not even that!

  3. Nice to see you back here. I'm very impressed by you, it's a wonderful thing you are doing. I'm pretty sure i could never run more than 20 feet! I'm too wobbly for a start, everything jiggles too much XD


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