Sunday, 25 July 2010

What I got up to last weekend...

So last weekend I got to play at being a make-up artist and you know what, it was amazing fun! I know I'm not very good and I would never call myself a make-up artist, but I thought I'd share a couple of the pictures from the shoot with you. I haven't got my full cd of photos yet, so I can only show you one of the looks that I did, but I'll be sharing more in a couple of weeks.

Basically, a friend of mine is in a band and they wanted some photos taking for promotional use. She also knows that I'm considering training as a make up artist and was willing to let me use her face to practice on (mwahaha). The girl who took the photos is a)brilliant and b) considering going into wedding photography, so it was excellent practise all round. A bit later up, our friend turned up and decided she fancied playing at being a model too, so I got to work on her as well hehe. I have to say, I was flipping shattered by the end of the day - I did 4 different looks (3 on Kate and 1 on Pip) and it was exhausting!

I'd direct you to somewhere to hear their beautiful songs, but I can't seem to find anything :/

(All photos copyright Becca Wilkinson)


  1. Cute! I really like the 2nd picture.

  2. Phyrra - thanks :D I love that picture too - she looks gorgeous!


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