Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Blog following options and a Facebook giveaway


So since my disappearance and come back, Google reader apparently disappeared from the blogging world. Now, I never used Google Reader anyway, but I know a lot of people did, so I wanted to introduce you to some other ways you can stay up to date with Sparkle and Shade! Read below to find out how to follow me on Facebook, Bloglovin, She Said Beauty, Google+ and GFC.

Facebook Page

Sparkle and Shade Facebook

At the moment, my Facebook page is all shiny and new! It's pretty quiet over there at the moment, but things will be getting much more exciting, with chat and competitions and all sorts of things.

Also, to celebrate the launch of the page, I'm going to be hosting a giveaway! There'll be 3 tiers of prize:
50 Followers - winner will receive a small selection of high end skin care samples and an extra surprise treat!
100 Followers - winner follower will receive a £10 Feel Unique voucher and a little bag of samples & treats
200 Followers - winner follower will receive a £20 Feel Unique voucher and a little bag of samples & treats.

To enter the giveaway, simply head over to Facebook and "like" Sparkle and Shade. The winners will be selected by a random draw as each tier is reached and will be announced on the Facebook page. Good luck.


I've been using Bloglovin' for ages - it's one of my favourite readers. I think it's clear, simple and easy to navigate. One of my favourite things about Bloglovin' is that you can sort blogs into different folders or categories! This is perfect for me as I follow a lot of healthy living, cooking and weight lifting blogs as well as beauty, so it's nice to be able to section everything out. A definite thumbs up from me, so head over there and follow!

She Said Beauty
She Said Beauty is a relatively new one to me, but seems like a lot of fun! You can build your own beauty shelf and create lovely lists of things you love and own, as well as staying up to date with all your favourite blogs. It seems like a really fun and friendly community, and I've been enjoying playing around with it so far. Head on over to follow me

Google +
You can also follow by Google+. I remain unconvinced by Google+, but I know some people absolutely love it, so I thought I'd give you the option to follow me over there!

Google Friend Connect
Now, the internet is rife with rumours about whether this is staying or going. For now, it seems to be staying put. Super simple - just click the link on the side bar! This is probably easier if you already use Blogger, as these blogs will come up in your reading list.

So there you have it - lots of options for following Sparkle and Shade, so now there's no excuse to not stay up to date!

What's your favourite way to follow your most loved blogs?
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