Monday, 13 December 2010

Monday Musings II

Hello lovelies! Can you believe it's Monday already? I feel like time is wizzing past! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments about last week's Monday Musings - I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. Here's my musings on the last week - enjoy! :)

On Monday, I brought you my first Monday Musing, wich you should check out if you're wondering what on earth this is!
On Tuesday, I did a little review of the Sleek Sparkle Palette
On Wednesday, I gave you my thoughts on a couple of Burt's Bees Lip Products I'd been sent for review and I also asked you what you do to stay fit and healthy.
No posts on Thursday and Friday as I was at work/being generally angry about politics.
On Saturday, I treated you to the next installment of my Inspirational Interview series with Jen
On Sunday, I shared my first impression of the 30 Day Shred

♥ Eye Eye

I've seen a heck of a lot of the inside of my house this week due to having flu - I've also seen it change from disorganised chaos to a nice tidy place to live!

One thing that I've been quite happy to see is the snow finally starting to melt - well, I say snow, what I really mean is thick thick icey death. So happy to see that gone!

Last night, I was performing in the Minster Carol Service, which had somewhere around 2,000 people so I saw a heck of a lot of things there! I was in the choir, which means I saw all those people as I looked out at them, then I was leading the recessional, which meant I could see nothing but pitch black and I also half saw the beautiful poi performance I was involved in. Led lights in the Minster?! Yes please!

One final thing I saw was a block of ice carved into the shape of Sonic the Hedgehog - brilliant!

♥ Whirring Cogs

I've been thinking a lot about health and fitness (you'll probably have guessed that from my blog posts recently) and also the things that I eat - I have a few exciting ideas for blog posts that I'll be bringing you over the next couple of months I imagine. I feel really strongly about keeping my body fit and healthy for lots of reasons - partially because it's my way of showing that I respect myself, partially because so many members of my family struggle with health issues and partially just because I actually quite enjoy it.

I've also been thinking about Christmas and all the plans and logistics for that. I'm preaching at my church on Christmas Day which is utterly terrifying - I probably haven't actually thought about that anywhere near as much as I should have!

Finally, I've been thinking how much I'd like to win the Superdrug competition that I'm a finalist in! There's only a week to go, and I know you're probably all fed up of me banging on about it, but I would really, really appreciate it if you could go here and vote for number 6. It takes literally 30 seconds and if you don't click the box for a newsletter, you get zero spam, as well :)

♥ Hidden Treasures

This week's hidden treasures are not really that hidden as most of them have more followers than me but nevermind:
♥ Ruth's Reflection because she's stunning
♥ Draw the Stars for pretty pictures
♥ Rachhloves for fitness and beauty inspiration

♥ The Path...

This week, I want to remember to keep the true meaning of Christmas at the heart of all my busyness and planning :)

♥ Respect Yourself

A new little section that I want to add is Respect Yourself - I think that eating healthily and exercising is a fabulous way of showing yourself some respect. It takes work and effort to make those choices, and everytime we do something that's good for our bodies, it's like giving ourselves a sign of love and respect.

A few people commented on my  30 Day Shred post and said that they felt it might be a bit too intense for them. I want to suggest that you start out with something gentle - something to ease your way into doing something good for your body. So here's my two suggestions:

♥ If you're really unfit, why do you start with something super simple like this Quick and Easy Yoga Routine by Rachhloves - it's less than 10 minutes and although it isn't quite as well talked through as a professional video, it's a great starting point.

♥ If you're a little more fit or you're a little less scared of working out (but you still don't feel ready to be shredding), I'd recommend either of these two videos AM and PM Yoga, a video I've used for years and I love (especially the AM part) or Yogalates - I love this boxset as it has something for every mood!

What have you been up to this week lovelies? xx

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  1. I ordered the 30 day shred yesterday :) going to actually try and do something instead of just moaning all the time! xx


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