Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Question - How do you curl yours?!

Hello lovelies!

Some of you may have read on twitter last night that I finally learnt how to curl my hair with straighteners - I've tried and tried so many times to do it, when I went to the Cloud Nine photoshoot a while ago, the wonderful Guillaume tried to teach me but I really still didn't get it. However, last night, the miraculous happened and I finally got it. For those of you wondering, I used this video to teach myself:

So simple and incredibly effective - this gave me really natural looking curls instead of the ribbon curl effect that you can often get when you curl with straighteners. Saying that though, it did take a while so I've been wondering about maybe getting a conical wand or tongs - I love having curly hair!

This got me thinking - ladies, how do you curl your hair? Do you use straighteners? If so, what method do you use? Do you use curling tongs or a concical wand - if so, why?

Can't wait to hear your answers :) xx


  1. I normally use a mix of straighteners and a curling wand - that's when I want a more natural look but normally I use my curling wand - I just find it alot easier first thing in a morning :)

  2. I can't use straighteners to curl my hair at all (although I'm determined to master it one day, I hate being defeated by my hair, I need to show it who's boss!) but the conical wand I got for my birthday is amazing, I love it! xxx

  3. I use straighteners to curl other people's hair (can't curl mine - would look like I had half an afro!) and learnt to working in theatre. That was before I even used straighteners myself! Curling tongs are easier, though, but the uniform 'miss piggy' type curls look a bit...bland for my liking.

  4. I;ve never seen this method before!
    I do a similar thing, but I wrap the hair around the bottom plate and pull them down :)

  5. I tend to use my tongs, I don't like the ends left with straightners and I think you get a nicer effect with the tongs.
    I pin the curls to my head to cool before shaking them out, makes them last longer.

  6. I don't do it the way Guillaume taught us, I think it works better when you're doing it on someone else's hair. I just tend to do the old way which I can't really explain. But mostly I use tongs.


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