Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Question - What do you do to stay fit and healthy?

Hello lovelies :)

Hope you're all having a Happy Wednesday - I'm on my 3rd sick day and I'm starting to go stir crazy! In all fairness, I tried to go to school today but the boy I support wasn't in so it made sense for me to come home and rest some more.

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While I've been off, I've become really aware of the fact that I've got really unfit over the last couple of months - basically when I finished training for my 10k, I sort of lost all motivation and because the weather has been so bad I haven't cycled to work for a while as well. I also know that I'm a complete slacker with eating healthily - I just can't be bothered and I've found myself getting less and less motivated to eat healthily since I had to give up wheat and since I got married (my husband has Cystic Fibrosis so he's meant to have a third extra calories a day).

I really need to kick my butt into gear but I'm completely lacking motivation and inspiration.

I'd love to build a list with all our collective ideas for keeping ourselves in shade, so what I want to ask is what do you do to keep yourself fit and healthy? What motivates you and inspires you? Also, would you be interested in reading my ramblings about health and fitness as I try to gee myself up or would you rather I popped that up in a different place? xx


  1. I'd love to read it,
    I used to go to the gym and workout about 5 days a week, but since I started law school in September I haven't had time to go even once! I was so into eating healthy and that has gone down the drain too. So I'd be interested in hearing what you and others have to say, and hopefully helping me get back on track.
    One of my New Years Resolutions is hopefully to somehow do better time management so I can still go to the gym, but with my current schedule it just doesn't seem possible!

  2. Hi, I'm also struggling - third day off sick with nasty chest cough, shivers and shakes etc - yeuuch. I too, used to be really into my running etc but over the last few months it's all gone out the window, including healthy eating. Surprise, surprise I've put on nearly a stone and lost a lot of muscle tone. Grrrr. Can't exercise yet but need some motivational tips for when I'm better. In the meantime, check out the fab hair products on my blog - I guarantee you will want to put them on your Xmas list - at least hair doesn't change with or without exercise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am in no way trying to lose weight, but id love to be healthier. I drink lots and lots of water or tea, and eat fruits and veggies as much as i can. instead of snacking on pointless things i try to stick to nuts and fruit. and as exercise, i find keeping to a routine helps a lot. 80 jumping jacks before bed, and 10 pushups. in the mornings i try to do sit ups or something else. but sticking to that, i feel lots better, no muscle aches and all.




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