Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Review - Sleek Sparkle Palette

Regardless of the whole 50% sale debacle, Sleek are pretty awesome - their palettes are excellent quality and fantastically priced! During my blogging break, I completely lost touch with the world of beauty and therefore completely missed out on the Bad Girl palette. I was gutter. Hence I made sure that I raced to Superdrug on the first day that this beauty was released and I am so glad I did!

The thing that I love about this palette is that they haven't just gone for the obvious winter colours (icey blues and whites with maybe a hint of red, green and gold) but instead have gone for beautifully deep rich colours with plenty of sparkle.

One thing that I really love is that Sleek have finally started to name their colours - this makes a blogger's life so much easier! Just in case you're wondering, that whitey-grey colour on the end is called Tinsel :)

Aren't they beautiful?! Such bold colours with such a beautiful amount of sparkle. I adore them. The only colour I don't quite get is the yellow... I feel like a rich gold would maybe have fit the palette slightly better.

Finally, some swatches - sadly these are pretty shocking quality. We've not really had much sun so I've been shooting indoors and my camera hates low light conditions. Hence these are quite "noisey" - sorry.

Hopefully what you can see is that (as always) these colours are so richly pigmented and have a fabulous colour payoff. I'm really looking forward to having a bit more of a play with these and I'll try to bring you a FOTD with them soon!

You can get this palette for £5.99 from Superdrug or the Sleek website xx

What do you think of the Sparkle palette? Have you picked it up or are you a bit Sleek'd out?


  1. Oh this palette is such a beauty, I love it so much!


  2. That palette looks really good, I've never bought anything from sleek a see a trip to Superdrug is on the cards, but will have to hide it from the Mr as he thinks I have too much make-up!!!

  3. Looks pretty! I saw it in Superdrug and gave it a quick swatch, but passed - my palette drawer is full of Sleek!

  4. Aaaah I thought I didn't want this and now I do, bugger.

  5. I'm not so sure with sleek, whilst the colours are great and are a bargain price I just really find the formula really difficult to blend when put over a primer (I use urban decay)!

  6. I love how festive this palette is and it has some gorgeous colours in it x

  7. ooh think i may be off into town, what a bargain. just hope my superdrug stocks it. em x

  8. I picked it up and fell in love with it when I saw the packaging, opened it, swatched it...but fell out of love when I applied it to the eye. On me, even with a sticky primer, the glitter falls straight off when blended. I hope everyone else has better luck!

    Chrissy xx

  9. Oh! Don't fret, Bad Girl will be back in stock by January.

  10. I have been wanting to try sleek for a while now but they dont sell in the u.s. :(



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