Wednesday, 5 May 2010

April Favourites

April seems to have been a really exciting month for me make up wise - I feel like I've discovered lots of exciting new things that have really perked up my daily make up routine, so I thought that I'd share my April favourites with you :)

Elf Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Bark
Yum! This is actually my perfect "my lips but better shade" and it has a gorgeous peppermint taste. It's a cross between a lipgloss and a lipstick, not at all sticky and perfect for just finishing off a fairly quick neautral look :)

Lush Colour Supplement in Dark Yellow
I really do need to do an update post on these - since buying the actual jar (instead of using the sample in a plastic pot) I've been utterly transformed in my opinion of these. I previously said that they were only really good for the tinted moisturiser aspect - I was wrong! They're perfect concealers/foundations. Love it! Use this every day as a tinted  moistuirser and as a concealer on my nose and cheeks

The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Foundation in 03* and Kabuki Brush*
I wear this over my Lush Colour Supplement tinted moistuirser/concealer combo pretty much every day as it gives a light-medium coverage that I think is perfect for work. Again, I really need to do a full post on this soon as I've got a fair bit to say about it!

No 17 Blush & Glow in Peaches and Cream and Strawberries and Cream
I bought this on Mizz Worthy's suggestion and they're amazing! A perfection combination of blush and highlighter in really flattering shades for Spring/Summer. I adore these and again they get used most days.

Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder
I got this as part of a massive Elf haul that I did recently (I still need to show you that -  It's full of pretty things!) and I love it. I know that there's a few posts around saying it's a dupe for some Nars things, but as I don't have those, I couldn't tell you. For me they're just a gorgeous blush and bronzer shade. (Note - I'll add a photo of it open when I get home.... silly me!)

Elf Studio Brushes - Blush, Powder, Complexion, Eyeshadow C
These have basically revolutionised my entire make up routine...  having good quality brushes makes such a difference! Again, I use these brushes pretty much everyday (apart from the powder brush as I use that for liquid foundation which I don't wear on a daily basis) and I love them. They make applying make up easy, give great control, haven't shedded at all and are use generally wonderful!

What have you been loving this April?
*This products were given to me free for review purposes


  1. how much that brush price ? :)

  2. I'm so glad the studio brushes have become favorites! I just bought the set.

  3. I really need some elf studio brushes! And I really want to try some of the no17 products :) xx

  4. I've heard such great things about the Blush and Glow's , i think i shall be forced to give one a try :P I want to try the Lush colour supplements too. And i adore my ELF brushes, such great quality for the price!

  5. I definitely will try the elf studio brushes. Lovely blog BTW.

    You can see my April favorites here:

  6. ipehishere - the brushes were £3.50 each!

    PoorCollegeStudent - awesome! I hope you love them as much as I do!

    Katy - you definitely need the ELF brushes! And definitely try the 17 Blush & Glow - they're both gorgeous!

    Lillian - Try them! Also, do you know what colour supplement you are? I have a spare Light Yellow that I'll never use if you want it.

    Luna - thank you! You've got a lovely blog too x

  7. I love these elf studio line brushes!!! <3


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