Friday, 28 May 2010

My 5 Minute Face/Morning Routine

Hey Lovelies :)

I've been thinking of doing this video for a little while and I've finally got around to doing it - it's basically just a little video of my morning skincare routine and the make up that I normally pop on for work. It's nothing fancy or revolutionary, but I thought you might enjoy it anyway! xx


  1. Ahh great video Emily! Your voice is good for video's but you sound so much different than you do in real life. How weird is that?! I haven't watched the cloud nine video with us both on with sound on haha I hate my voice on video x

    P.s I laughed at "it smells a bit like wee"

  2. Jen - thanks :D haha, I always wonder what I really sound like... apparently not this! I know that my accent changes a heck of a lot depending on my mood and who I'm with so it might just be that. You don't sound awful on the cloud nine video you numpty!

  3. Love this video and I wish I could do things that quick, I'm usually sloooow with my make-up, lol

  4. Julia - thanks :D Haha I have to be that quick because I'm too lazy to be slow if you get what I mean!


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