Thursday, 27 May 2010

Lush York Friday Facials

Hello Lovelies :)

This only really applies to northern bloggers, but I thought I'd share with you what I got up to last Friday afternoon!

The beautiful guys and girls at Lush York have decided to offer facials every Friday between 4-6pm. For the price of a fresh face mask (£4.95) you not only get said mask, but also a full skin care consultation, a full facial (including a facial massage with one of the two new serum bars and a face mask) and a full size serum bar to take home (worth £7.50 on its own!).

I used to work at Lush York (a looong time ago) and I'm a regular customer so I know a couple of members of staff quite well, but I was still given the full facial treament and it was gorgeous. To say that none of the team are trained beauty type people, you really couldn't tell - the facial massage was perfect pressure, and all the cleansing and moisturising was done with a pro like approach (in fact, it was probably slightly better than pro as I didn't feel so pushed and pull around).

 The slight downside is that you have to sit at their skin care bar in the middle of the shop (and actually even this isn't awful - I just happened to have Oatifix on all of my face apart from my spotty chin which had a purple beard of Catastrophe Cosmetic... sexy) but other than that, this treatment is more than worth it.

Also, I know that if the Friday Facials start to become popular, they're possibly going to look at doing them at other points in the week as well :D My advice? Book one - you have literally nothing to loose and lets be honest, what other facial gives you so many treats and goodies?!

You can book by visiting them in their Coney Street Store or by giving them a call on 01904 541 927


  1. Sounds sweet! I wonder if they are doing that around here...

  2. Ooh what a great offer! Damn lucnky Northerners :P


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