Saturday, 15 May 2010

Cloud Nine Shoot - Exclusive Preview Week

Hi Ladies!

So some of you may have heard me and Jen chatting about the Cloud Nine Event that we went to a few weeks ago - turns out it wasn't an event but an exclusive behind the scenes look at their new summer style shoot. The most exciting thing about their new campaign is that a)all the styles are incredibly easy to recreate at home and b) they can all be achieved at under 150C :D

We got the chance to chat to the incredibly talented Hair Stylist Guillaume Vappereau, lust over the make up artist's kit, watch each of the 3 looks being created and even got let loose on each other's hair (under Guillaume's supervision thankfully - poor Jen really didn't know what she'd let herself in for with me *straightening retard*).

Throughout the week, Jen and I will  be bringing you a series of posts including our attempts at each of the styles, some exclusive behind the scenes pictures and footage and a few other bits and bobs. If you're really good, Jen might even let us show you the videos of her doing my hair (oddly, there's no footage of me doing her hair.... I wasn't that bad, was I? Was I? Oh.)

Anyway for now I thought I'd just show you a couple of shots of Jen and I before we'd been whipped into shape by Guillaume and a few little sneeky looks around the shoot itself! Enjoy :D
Beautiful Jen! (property of Propaganda PR)
Me looking terrified (Property of Propaganda PR)
Our Cloud Nine Irons - we were very excited about these!
Where the photo magic happens...
 That's not even half the of the make up - we were in awe!
*Disclaimer* This post is being bought to you in association with Cloud Nine, however, all views, thoughts and opinions are my own. I am not being paid for doing this post and was not paid to attend the shoot. For more disclaimer info, please click the link at the top of my blog.

PS - I promise I'll blog about some non Cloud Nine things this week as well :)


  1. oh yay. i cant wait to read your posts and jen's posts. xx

  2. Liloo - thanks! It should be quite exciting :D there's some gorgeous pictures and I can't wait to share them!

  3. oooh this looks so exciting! you lucky devil! really looking forward to seeing more photographs, that one is beaut xox

  4. Wow you lucky lucky thing! I'm desperate for a pair of these but i shan't ever afforf them :(

  5. Hi! Which one of the Cloud Nine's do you have? The regular one or the wide one?

  6. @Anna - I have the regular ones and they cope really well with my hair :)


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