Thursday, 19 August 2010

Current Lusts

As a result of buying a car and going on holiday and lots of other nice things, we're currently a little low on pennies to buy lovely things. However, that doesn't stop a girl from looking! Here's a few of my current lusts:

ELF 141 Piece Master Makeup Collection £35

Urban Decay NYC Book of Shadows Vol III £30 from Debenhams

Urban Decay Naked Palette £27 from Debenhams (from October)

The 25 Shiro Cosmetics colours I don't currently own

Whatever Chanel lipstick it is that Vanessa Paradis is wearing in this advert (anyone know what shade it is?)

What are your current lusts?


  1. I want the Naked palette so badly! :) Cannot wait for it to come out in the UK!

    The Chanel lippie is Mademoiselle (I think it's number 5). It is a lovely colour!

  2. Oh I can't wait to get the Naked Palette, it's sooo gorgeous! The lipstick is 05 Mademoiselle, it's beautiful! xxx

  3. @Natalie @May - hehe your comments are so close to identical that I actually laughed out loud! Thanks for the Coco colour... I desperately want it, it's so pretty! And the Naked palette *drools*

    @may - do you know what's happened to the Urban Decay concession in Debenhams in the center of town? It seems to have disappeared :(

  4. I want both of the Urban Decay palette's really badly! xx

  5. @danielle I know, they're so pretty! Oddly, I want the Naked palette most... I normally go for the pretty colours, but there's something it which really appeals to me!

  6. I am desperate for some Shiro shadows, they look so lovely and the Pokemon thing makes me very happy :)
    Also, hideous for me to plug it, but i have the ELF master makeup kit (never used, it was an unwanted gift) and if you wanted i would sell it to you for cheap? I know you don't have money at the moment but I can hold it for you as long as you want :)

  7. Vanessa is actually wearing two shades in that ad. I forget the names but I know it is a red and pink combination.


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