Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Summer Lovin' Series - Skin care

Hello :) This is the first of my Summer Lovin' series, and I've chosen the three products that have been making my skin feel lovely this summer. I know that there should probably be something with an SPF in there, but I never actually enjoy using sunscreen, so it'd be a bit of a lie to claim I'd been loving it! Let's get the ball rolling...

Garnier Soft Essentials

This little post over at Makeup Savvy pretty much sums up what's happened to my skin as a result of being a beauty blogger - its gone mental! To try and put this right, I've tried all sorts - just using water, just using Lush products, going back to my old Origins regime.... nothing worked. However, when I was up in Durham for a wee stay with my sister in law and her husband, I noticed that she used the Garnier Soft Essentials range and I'll be honest - she has beautiful skin!
Conveniantly, it was only on 2 for £4 at Boots, so I decided to give it a go and I loved it - it's completely sorted out my skin! It's packed full of rose oil and is actually a lot more natural than I originally thought it would be. Win!

Aveeno Lotions

A while ago I signed up to join the Aveeno discoverers programme as I have excema and a weird sort of dermatitis on my hands (seriously, it's rank - little tiny blistersall over *shudders*) and figured that "discovering" their products would be no bad thing. Anyway, months passed and I heard nothing until one day a massive parcel turned up on my doorstep full of Aveeno products. It was a very surreal moment to say the least. They suggest giving some away, so my (then pregnant) friend Katie got one box full and I left myself with the other.

They are amazing. Seriously, incredible. Fix my scabby legs and hands in no time, and they're not perfumed either which means I can wear them regularly without a)getting a migrane b)attracting wasps c)not being able to sleep because I smell like a bottle of perfume. Definite winners for me!

St Ives Deep Cleansing Body Scrub

As part of my "I'm gonna be a runner" kick when I signed up to the York 10k, I decided that a subscription to Zest magazine would probably be a useful monthly kick up the backside to keep me motivated. When I subscribed, they were giving away tonnes of St Ives products with your subscription. So anyway, I subscribed and my magazines started coming but not St Ives treats, until a few months later (see a recurring theme in my life?!) when I got a massive box of St Ives goodies (no... seriously... it's weird how often these "oh it's never gonna come.. oh wait here it is" type things happen).  I've never really used St Ives stuff, so I was intruiged. My favourite is definitely the big tubs of Body Scrub - they're super scrubby but not drying either, so they were perfect in the hot, sticky weather we had towards the start of summer for declogging those sweat ridden pores :) I've mainly used the Deep Cleansing one, but I also have a Moisturising one to work my way through as well! Even though the Deep Cleansing is for "Oily, blemish prone skin" (which I don't actually have) I haven't found it drying at all :)

*Disclaimer* Some of these products were received free for review purposes

*Disclaimer 2* I have been accepted on to the AVEENO® Discoverer Programme (insert link to the programme), helping to spread the word about AVEENO® products.  I get sent free AVEENO® samples and have the possibility of being rewarded with additional benefits.

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