Friday, 27 August 2010

Summer Lovin' Series - Make up part two

Hello again! Time for another Summer Lovin' post - this time (as promised) it's all about eyes!

Illamaqua Powder Eye Shadow in Servant

I picked this up a while ago from a blog sale, and I utterly adore it. It's been great as a base for some of the more dramatic looks I've done, or just quickly popped on to add a hint of colour in a fairly nude and natural look.

Sleek Storm Palette

This one has got tonnes of use this summer as it's really easy to dip into for something quick - whether you're looking for a neutral look or something more smokey and sultry, this palette is perfect!

Elf Warm Bronzer Palette

It crops up everywhere doesn't it?! I took this on holiday with me and I personally think that it's a brilliant multi-purpose product! The colours work really nicely on the eye and there's a whole range of shades to work with.

No 17 Va Va Voom Mascara

Yep, I'm still harping on about it. It's very much my holy grail mascara. Just ace :)


  1. i have the sleek palette in's amazing!i need storm in my life haha:),i love the packaging of illamasqua,why does it have to be so pricey?!:)

  2. The warm bronzer is very nice, I like it a lot! :)


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