Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Lovea Bio Argan Oil Cell Renewal Body Scrub Review

You might have noticed a lack of My Pure reviews from me over the last couple of months - unfortunately my 2nd box got sent back and then sent out and then lost in the land of Royal Mail so this month is going to be choc-full of reviews! I thought I'd start with this Lovea Bio Argan Oil Cell Renewal Body Scrub:
Some of you will know (and those of you that don't will no doubt be happy to hear) that My Pure is changing the way that they put together the packages for bloggers to review (this month was a customised box and from next month bloggers will be selecting their own products) - hopefully this means a little less repetition in the blogging circles :)

Annnnyway, onto reviewing the actual product. I'm very much in two minds about this body scrub - one the one hand, it does an alright job and leaves your skin relatively smooth etc, but on the other hand, it's just... weird. 

The texture of it is odd - the scrub itself is held in a gel type substance, which occasionally separates and drips oil (I'm guessing Argan Oil) all over you as you open the lid. The actual scrubby bit doesn't really feel that effective either - all the particles are varying sizes (I'm guessing due to being made of a variety of different nuts and seeds) and you don't get that satisfying "scrubbed" feeling after using it.... well you do on about 1/3 of your scrubbed area, but there's no where near enough actual scrubbyness to make it a satisfying or worth while experience. 

The argan oil means that your skin does feel quite nourished afterwards and I definitely didn't need to use a moisturiser (although it's no where near as moisturising as something like Origins Incredible Spreadable Scrub), but my overwhelming feeling after using this product is just a bit "meh". Sorry Lovea - your shampoo was lovely, your scrub is kinda blah.

♥ ♥ and a half out of 5
Would I buy this again? Probably not to be honest - at £7.50 I expect a lot more scrub satisfaction
Price: £7.50 from My pure

Disclaimer: I was given this product for free for review purposes as part of the My Pure Blogging Panel


  1. I liked the scrubiness, I used it this morning and my skin feels soft. But I had to take the full lid off to squeeze it out. It just wouldn't come out of the hole in the cap.

  2. @Jen - See I thikn I'm maybe a bit too used to my St Ives Body Scrub which is brutal and amazing :D I had to do that first time too - some of the scrubby bits block the cap :/


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