Thursday, 31 March 2011

Make Up No Spend Month

Hello lovelies! Hope you're enjoying the sunshine even if it is blowing a gale out there!

I don't know about you, but since I started beauty blogging, I've bought way more make up than I've ever bought in my life.... I have drawers full of pretty coloured pots of loose eyeshadows, glass bottled of foundation strewn about all over the place and more lipstick and lipgloss than I can shake a stick at, not to mention the trillions of eyeshadows palettes neatly stacked in boxes. And do I use most of it on a daily basis? No. Weekly basis? No. In fact, it's a very rare occasion at the moment that my makeup of choice involves more than a Bobbi Brown foundation, Mac Ripe Peach or Bobbi Brown Apricot Blush, a little mascara and some ELF felt tip eyeliner with a quick slick of lipstick.

And yet.... I still keep buying it. A blusher here, a cheap eyeshadow palette there... it's just sitting and collecting dust! The worst thing for me is blog sales.... I always manage to find something that I want! But not this month, no no - this month is my Make Up No Spend Month :)

Who's with me?


  1. I'm on a no buy too! Well, project 10 pan but it's practically the same thing haha. You know what though - I don't miss it :S Makes extra cash available for clothes and little treats :) Good luck!

  2. I'm with you on this, I need to save up for household things, plus at the moment I'm using the same foundation, blusher, bronzer, lippy each day! Lots of other things are being neglected! xx

  3. I have been on a project 10 pan since christmas!

  4. I'm on a two month spending as of yesterday. I have two weddings in September and they aren't going to pay for themselves!

    Are you going to do some FOTD with some of the stuff you haven't looked for ahwile?


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