Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Some blogs to explore

Hello lovelies! It's all quiet on the Sparkle and Shade front at the moment, and for that I apologise. Partially it's that I'm settling back into the new term and schooly things. Partially it's that all that's in my head is running and cooking and I don't want to bore you all... I don't really have much beauty and makeup inspiration at the moment (even then I have what feels like a pile of a gazillion things to swatch and/or review) but I'm sure some will come back with the sunny weather. It also doesn't help that the salon who were supposedly employing me to work freelance with them and said they'd "call me in a couple of days" to confirm wedding dates have never called me back....I did think it was a very quick interview and I think they've probably had second thoughts about me as I really don't have that much experience, but you know what? That's ok. Partially it was just nice for someone to look at my website and think I was good enough to do it :) Life is pretty busy right now with Great North Run training and GTP stuff so I'm not going to chase after them - if its meant to be, it'll happen, if it's not, it won't :)

So whilst I wait for some beauty related inspiration, let me share a few blogs I've been enjoying recently:

enjoy :)


  1. Wow, thanks for that shout out!

  2. Laura - you're welcome :D I'm utterly loving your blog at the moment xx

  3. Great post - I already love Laura and Gem's blogs and am off to check out the others now! x

  4. thanks for the feature! :D i'm off to check out those ones i don't read already, specifically the sweet tooth runner ones - i need some more running inspiration!


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