Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Just Do It


A wee break from the norm to share a little info about a film I'm really rather excited about... nope, not Harry Potter (although I am ridiculously excited about that), I'm talking about Just Do It

So why am I excited about this?

Basically, film maker Emily James has spent a whole year immersed in the world of activist groups (mainly Climate Camp and Plane Stupid), seeing the real nitty gritty of their lives and work. Just Do It is an opportunity to see the lives of people who aren't just willing to sit back and accept the world the way it is, but who are dedicated to standing up and making their voices heard. The access Emily James gained into the inner workings of these groups is unprecedented and aims to show the true passion and motivation of the people involved.

As someone who's a passionate activist at heart but has a tendency towards laziness and fear of crowds, I feel this film is going to be a very welcome kick up the arse - a film to motivate and inspire. We don't all need to superglue ourselves to the bank trading floors as some of the activists in this film did (although maybe more of us should be taking direct action, after all it was direct action that got women the vote and stopped the apartheid...), but I do think it's important that we break free of the chains of apathy and make take a stand against the corruption and destruction of the world.

I'd strongly urge you go see this - even if you're not remotely interested in activism or politics or environmental issues, go see it. It might just change your mind :)

Just Do It is showing in selected cinemas nationwide from July 15th - you can find your local screening here.


  1. I've just caught up on your blog after a busy few days, sorry you had a hard time with the doctor. I find doctors hard to deal with at times, they have to know so much about so many things that they often don't seem to understand intricacies of things or they just want to lump everything under a diagnosis of depression and hand you some prozac when that won't help a bit :-( I'm not slating all doctors I know they have to know a lot and I know there are good ones but they sometimes seem to be as unsure as we are!

  2. This looks really interesting, one of my July goals is to watch more movies so i might have to check this out.
    My parents are really passionate about protesting (my dad used to chain himself to trees and railings back in the day!) so i'm sure they would love it too :)

  3. I hadn't heard about this but I thinK I'm a little like you, I agree with most of what these groups stand for but I'm a little lazy when it comes to actually protesting! x

  4. Laura - I think there's a definite tendency amongst the medical profession to just give people drugs and make them go away. I get particularly worried about how often I see or hear of Drs automatically prescribing women anti-depressants. Not good at all.

    Sarah - You should definitely try to go watch it! It looks fab!

    Radiant - Let's both be less lazy! I hope you get to catch it at the cinema :)


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