Sunday, 10 July 2011

What I've been munching

Hello Lovelies!

I know it's all quiet here - I'm still ill (yup, it's getting ridiculous now) hence there's not been much in the way of tasty recipes going on (too tired to cook) and I don't have masses to tell you (too tired to leave the house!)

However, I thought I'd share some of my favourite meals and munchies of the past week with you starting with....

Socca Pizza! We made the base a little too thick but oh my goodness it was delicious. I made the batter from 1 cup chickpea flour mixed with 1 cup water, 1 tbs olive oil, salt and pepper and herbs. Poured it into a cake tin, baked for 20 minutes and then topped with homemade tomato sauce, tonnes of veg and some Cheezly Super Melting Mozzarella and cooked for another 10 minutes or so. Yum!

Chocolate and Beetroot cake. Wait, correction, Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate and Beetroot Cake... with amazing sugarcoma inducing chocolate frosting. The recipe is here (I subbed the flour for Doves Farm Gluten Free Flour and added 1tsp vanilla extract too) and the frosting recipe is a random one I found on vegweb. We've finally found a way to use up the beetroot that so often appears in our vegbox. It was fudgey deliciousness.

Errr, yes, yes I do feel the need to take a bite out of everything before I photograph it (I'm a hungry monster). I made these cookies yesterday - they're technically meant to be whoopie pies but a)I couldn't be bothered to make up frosting and b)I wanted to eat cookies, not whoopie pies. They're like a delicious cross between a cookie and a cake though which is alll good! I used this recipe and subbed in Doves Farm GF flour and caster sugar for brown sugar (because it's what we had in!)

What have you been munching this week?


  1. I'm really sorry that you're still ill :-(
    That cake looks yummy - I'm on a huge beetroot kick at the moment, so it sounds perfect!

  2. Sure if something can make you better it will be all the yummy food. The thoughts making me hungry xxx

  3. EDAP - thanks sweetie. It's rubbish still being ill! The cake is amazing!! I'm a beetroot hater but this is just perfect :D

    Funny Little Frog - haha sorry for inducing hunger! And yup, food is the best medicine around!

  4. I've seen so many amazing beetroot recipes the past few days, I hope I get more in my veg box this week! I hope you start to feel better this very soon!

  5. I love your food posts - even though I'm not vegan/ veggie/ gluten free or anything 'special'! I just think it's so interesting to see all the different things which can be made to suit different people. My mum made a beetroot cake once - it was foul, thinking chocolate was the missing ingredient!

  6. Leigh - this one is definitely worth making! It's making me a bit less fearful of beetroot!

    Lily - thanks! I love getting creative with what I make - gluten free and vegan shouldn't have to mean bland boring mush! A chocolateless beetroot cake?! That sounds weird. Chocolate was definitely what was needed!

  7. That cake looks so good! Sorry to hear that you're still ill, hope you start feeling better really soon :) x

  8. Hope you start to feel better soon!
    The socca pizza looks lovely :)

  9. Erm yum!! Loving the look of the choc beetroot cake especially!

  10. Lily - thanks lovely. The cake was amazing!!

    Sarah - thank you! Me too. The socca pizza was delicious! I think next time I'll give it a slightly thinner based but generally speaking it was fab :)

    Laura - haha it's all super yum! The choc beetroot cake was fudgy deliciousness!


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