Saturday, 2 July 2011


Hello Lovelies!

Isn't it a gorgeous day?! It would seem that things are on the up - after a stupidly tired start to the day yesterday, my energy levels went up and up and up and today I was feeling pretty much back to normal so we decided to have a lovely walk by the river in the sunshine and a little trip into the centre of York. We don't live far from the city centre (about a 15 minute walk by the beautiful riverside) so it's quite a nice, easy way to spend a Saturday.

The first thing we did was stop off at Costa for a drink - it was craaazy hot and we were both feeling a little dehydrated. I went for what I always go for - a peach iced tea. Cooling, sweet and refreshing :)

After a bit of trundling around and a trip to the bank, we decided it was lunch time! We decided on El Piano which is a pretty awesome vegan, gluten free tapas place - originally we'd been planning to eat in but they seem to have changed their menu and you can't just buy a few bits of mix and match tapas anymore which is a shame.

Instead, we went for the uber bargainous takeaway option - Peter had Dahl, Rice and an Onion Bahji and I went for Cuban Black Beans, Rice and a Corn Fritter. Peter's was actually a lot tastier than mine - mine was a little drier than usual and a bit less limey. All of that for £2.95 each though - can't really go far wrong!

We decided to eat in the Minster Gardens - one of my favourite places in York. It's always a little less busy than the Museum Gardens and doesn't seem to end up so full of tourists. Oddly, York did seem very quiet indeed today - it's normally heaving on a Saturday, especially after payday.

After a bit of shopping (obligatory trips to Holland and Barret and Lush mainly), we figured it was getting a bit too hot and it wasn't worth pushing it and making me ill again so we headed home.

I felt bizarrely grateful for being outside - I found I appreciated York so much more than I normally do. I also seem to feel a little more confident. To be fair, that's something I've decided on whilst I've been ill - I need to stop being so anxious about everything and just relax, enjoy life and engage with the things I'm passionate about!

How has your Saturday been?

Do you love the place where you live?


  1. ooo that food looks gorgeous!!
    I'm having a Saturday full of watching a terrible pain in my shoulder and neck so can't do much else :-( xxx

  2. Sounds like a great day, i love York, it always reminds me of days out when i was small :)
    I live in Manchester most of the time now but still call Southport my home. Manchester's great for the shopping and nightlife but nothing beats a walk along the beach in my hometown :)

  3. Sounds like a lovely day.
    That food looks lovely (and what a bargain too).
    I have had a lovely Saturday so far- I went for a run this morning and then have been at my school summer fayre, and then popped to the shops :)

  4. The food looks lovely! Here we're having a grey and rainy Saturday so we took it easy, got the grocery shopping done and then went to our lovely cosy office to get some work done while listening to appropriate music, lighting tealights and drinking tea. I'll soon leave from the office to go home and pick up two boxes of fresh hummus on my way back home that we'll eat while watching Czech fairy-tales. It's quite a cosy Saturday.
    Oh, and I love your photos, some time I hope to come and visit York :)

  5. I love York! I'd like to go to El Piano, I had a friend who went to uni at York n she was always raving about it but on all my visits there we never went... probably too busy drinking and being students I think hehe

  6. York looks so pretty in the sunshine. I love all three of the places that I spend a lot of time in - my home city of Chester, Leeds and Cambridge.
    I'm glad you're feeling better - I hope you keep improving :-)

  7. Vegan, gluten-free tapas!? You can't beat that. Both those dishes look phenomenal. I'm super jealous you live in York!! I live near NEW York which is absolutely not the same thing and not nearly as breath-taking. Haha.

  8. Glad you are feeling better! Looks like you had a lovely day :)

  9. What a beautiful day in gorgeous York. We spend a lot of time in York as we have family there. I love to amble into town for a potter in the shops and a drink by the river.

    I do love where I live now that we've moved. Our previous place was hell on earth but the area we are in now is lovely.


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