Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Taking the bull by the horns.


Remember this post about the comparison trap? Well I thought I'd give you a bit of an update on some progress I've made towards breaking the comparison trap.

One of my most stupid points of comparison was comparing myself to activist friends of mine and deciding I wasn't "activist" enough to be able to get involved in protests. Yeah, I know, stupid. To be fair, I've also had some issues with anxiety over the last year or two so I've found the thought of crowds a little terrifying.

However, it appears that being trapped in your house alone for over a month gives you plenty of time to think and you end up making some pretty good decisions. Mine has been that I need to stop just talking the talk and start walking the walk.

So how am I doing it? Well, as I said in the original Comparison Trap post, I think it's important to see if you can make an achievable goal out of the thing you're comparing yourself to. My achievable goal has been to read, read, read. One of the things that worried me was that I wouldn't have enough knowledge - thanks to my ridiculous amount of time off, I've been able to read plenty!

I've also taken steps towards getting involved in the local Stop the Cuts group (I even LEFT THE HOUSE last night to go to a workshop on Organising Protests.... leaving the house was amazing. I went to an actual pub and sat with actual people and everything. I mean yeah, I was falling asleep but still - I LEFT THE HOUSE!!!), I'm doing the promo for Just Do It and I'm going to this:
The Uk Feminista Summer School. It's a completely free weekend of seminars and workshops from some pretty awesome speakers (there's a full list on their website). At the moment, I know literally no-one going (terrifying!!) so if you're planning on going, do let me know!

What have you challenged yourself to do recently?


  1. I mentioned it to you on twitter, but thank you so much for posting about the summer school. I am definitely going and look forward to meeting up with you.

  2. Gilly - you're so welcome :D I'm really excited about the summer school and even more excited now I'm getting to meet up with you too!


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