Thursday, 22 April 2010

Foundation Fortnight: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection

(Photo from the Collection 2000 website)
This is a foundation that you've probably heard a fair bit about - I know that a few bloggers have been talking about this in recent months and it was Mizz Worthy who tipped me off on this one.

Described as "ultimate wear foundation", this foundation promises flawless skin, 16 hour wear and claims to be transfer proof and water resistant. All of that, and it has and SPF of 20, is oil free and costs a mere £5.99.

You might have heard me ramblingon before about being afraid of foundation - I think it's just one of those things that I decided to scare myself into being afraid of after seeing so many women wearing either foundation that was too dark or too cakey. Hence anything that says "ultimate wear" makes me think of freaky mask faced women in department stores. So how did I get on?

Finding a match
Amazingly, I found a good match for my skin tone pretty much straight away. This almost never happens. I have skin that is pale but in an olivey weird way and find it really difficult to get most "drugstore" (hate that word by the way) foundations to match me. Therefore I was pleasently surprised when I found that Ivory (shade 2) is a perfect match for me! Don't believe mr? Look at my cheek/neck/ear:
Not too shabby really.

(I've decided that it is a word....) Lovely. This blends really easily into my skin, although it does set quite quickly so you need to work fast. I've applied with with both a traditional foundation brush and my ELF powder brush and have had no problems with streakyness with either method. Although it "sets", it never looks cakey. This foundation gives a medium - heavy coverage and I found that it covered all my redness/blemishes/rubbishness easily with no need for concealer. I find that this is probably my most long lasting foundation, and my make up will look just a lovely in the evening as it did first thing.

Anything else to know
This foundation has a slightly matte/slightly dewy finish (there's probably a less oxymoronic phrase I could use, but nevermind) and is availiable from anywhere that sells Collection 2000 (Superdrug and some Boots stores I think)

Finally, a picture of me with a fully made up face so that you can see how it looks. If you want a comparison shot to see how my skin looks naked, check out this post. If you want to know what make up I'm wearing in this shot, just ask and I'll let you know :D

Oooo and, whilst I'm here, let me just show you my favourite lipstick at the moment:
Yum! It's The Body Shop Colourglide Lip Colour in 62 Velvet Wine. (Apologies for my retarded lips .... they refuse to have lipstick applied to their inner regions.)

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  1. This is the foundation I'm very much into at the moment. I love it! I got it for £3.99 as my local Superdrug has all the Collection 2000 products 'all under £4' at the moment, so it was a bargain!


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