Friday, 16 April 2010

Foundation Week: Lily Lolo Part One

As promised, Foundation Fortnight is go! To start off, here's a wee look at Lily Lolo Mineral Foundations. This will be a two parter - this morning you get to see how Lily Lolo works and how it looks on my face. This evening. I'll show you me finding the right colour match for my skin (well, as close as possible with my samples) and tell you a little more about the brand itself and what I think.

So, to start, here is my very naked face:
Yes, I have the nose of an alcoholic.... not a clue why. Also, can you see that huuuge spot on my cheek. Seriously, it's the biggest, most annoying spot I've ever had. Grr.

Now this is me cheating and using a Body Shop lid and Body Shop Kabuki:

For reference, this is our computer chair. It is frequently this covered in make up.... yet my husband still manages to love me.

Ta-da!! Alcholic nose, where are you now?
Can still the spot a little, but hey, it is freakishly large!

Apparently, I can only smile in a normal way on photos that see me wearing properly done make up. This features Muchness and Queen from the UD Book of Shadows, Bourjois Ultra Black Volume Glamour Mascara (of course), 17 Blush and Glow in Strawberries and Cream (I think) and The Body Shop Love Gloss in 16. Much better :D

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