Wednesday, 7 April 2010

My favourite bits of Body Shop make up

As promised in my last blog post, here's a very quick look through some of my favourite bits of make up from The Body Shop. Most of this was bought with my own pennies but if it's marked with a * I was given for review purposes (longer reviews will be coming!)

1.Shimmer Cubes in Brown *
I'd always thought these looked a bit naff, especially as swatching them is pretty much pointless (they give a very sheer shimmery colour) However, I got chatting to the manager of my local store and she recommended spraying your brush with their Vitamin E Face Spray first... wow! Doing this turns them into gorgeous richly pigmented cream eyeshadows that really do stick (even without primer!). I haven't tried yet, but I imagine that you could just foil your brushes normally as well for similar effects.

2.Moisture Foundation in 04
I love the smell, colour, texture and wear of this! It gives a good medium coverage, doesn't "set" but also doesn't slide off and blends really nicely. Whenever I wear this people comment on my nice fresh looking complexion.

3.Natures Minerals Foundation in 03* and Natures Minerals Foundation Brush*
Shortly after my wee post about mineral foundation, I was asked if I'd like to give these a try. I'm still in the process of properly trying this foundation out (a more detailed review will come in Foundation week) but so far I really like it. It gives a light to medium coverage and is great for days when you want to look tidied up but not too done. Again, it's not cakey and doesn't make you sparkle like Edward Cullen. This brush is beaaaaautiful! So stunningly soft. I adore it. Very minimal shedding as well.

4.Love Gloss for Lips
If you saw my Rae Morris Exotic Eyes look I did a little while ago you'll have already seen one of these beauties in action. I own 2, my favourite being Raspberry Pink. They're quite buttery, smell/taste really nice and fruity and give beautiful colour payoff and shine. They're not at all sticky and they last a good 4 or 5 hours before needing a touch up. They've just bought out a very "on trend" Dusky Lavender, which would look hideous on me but would probably suit the rest of you beautiful people quite nicely!

5.Colourglide Lip Colour
I'm really starting to build up a little collection of these! Again, they smell so scrummy (seriously, The Body Shop makes the nicest smelling make up ever!), they're really moisturising and have wonderfully buildable colour. They have an incredible range of colours with pretty much something to suit everyone. My personal favourites are Soft Peony and Velvet Wine (I think... it might be Midnight Berry)

Do you use any Body Shop make up? What are your favourite bits?

(If I get time, I'll add some pictures to this post.... at the moment my camera batteries are still needing a charge!)


  1. I'll have to try that with the shimmer cubes!

  2. How did you find a foundation of theirs to match your skin? The lightest one is far too dark for me!

  3. Mizz Worthy - do!! It makes such a difference :D

    Lillian - I have crazy toned skin... I'm sort of pale but I'm also olivey and somehow it seems to work! Makes a change though, I can never find a foundation that matches... they're always too pale or too orange!

  4. Hi hunny!
    Do you still want the things from my blog sale?
    If so can you leave me your email adress please so i can send you a paypal invoice?
    Thank you!


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