Thursday, 15 April 2010

News flash: Foundation Week becomes Foundation Fornight Scandal!

Ok, it's not really that scandalous, but I've decided to extend foundation week to a fortnight due to my own shoddyness as a blogger and utter lack of posts this week. There will be a post tonight though (it features me with a naked face AND a stripey face - stay tuned folks!)

And just why has there been a lack of posts?
Monday - epic shopping trip in Manchester and a visit from the in-laws
Tuesday - Husband's birthday (which featured two 10 mile bike rides, a trip to a National Trust property and a meal out at an amazing Thai restaurant)
Wednesday - I foolishly signed up to the York 10K and my whole day was spent psyching myself up for that (and finishing off some stuff at my old job). I also did my first run out with a friend.... 4 miles in just under an hour (don't laugh) - I subsequently spent the rest of the night attempting not to die and went to bed at 10pm.

How has your week been thus far? xx

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  1. Wow, sounds like you had a full and fulfilling week! :)


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