Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A note from my sickbed

Hello lovelies

Apologies for reusing an old picture but I'd say that this pretty much sums up how I feel today.

I've just got back from the Drs and have been told to take at least another work off week due to a viral infection.... which is most likely glandular fever. I am gutted. I utterly adore my job and I hate the thought of not being there. I have to go for a blood test to have it confirmed as glandular fever, which makes it even worse. I can't stand blood tests - they really stress me out.

It also means no training at all... which makes my looming 10K seem even more intimidating and the prospect of a half marathon in September pretty much terrifying.

So my questions for you today are:
What do you do when you're off ill?
What are you reading/watching at the moment?
Are you scared of needles?


  1. I hope you get better soon! D:
    And I'll answer your questions:

    1. When I'm ill I tend to read or play video games (and grumble lots about being ill :P)

    2. I just finished reading 'Memoirs of a Geisha', it took me a while since it's a long book but I really enjoyed it.

    3. I used to be a little bit but got over the fear after having lots of blood tests and some tattoos :) My boyfriend hates them though!


  2. 1) I usually sit and have a blog catch up and watch Loose Women.
    2) Any Sophie Kinsella books will keep you busy :)
    3) I'm absolutely crap with needles. I faint, so embarrassing!

    Hope you get better soon xxx

  3. 1) When I'm off work ill I tend to watch old dvd's (especially my old trusty Six Feet Under box sets) and also cuddle my cats.
    2) I am reading Glue by Irvine Welsh. It's really funny, but tricky reading the Scottish accents.
    3) I had a phase of being too scared of needles to consent to them, but I don't mind these days... my trick is not to look at what they're doing!

  4. ps get well soon lovely xxx

  5. Oh no, sorry to hear that its been a nasty virus! I don't mind needles thank goodness :-) If I were off ill I'd be on the sofa with a duvet and lots of movies! Hope you feel better soon x

  6. Hope you feel better soon, sometimes I have a sneaky wish I was ill for the day off work but in reality I never enjoy it, just end up sat at home feeling miserable watching crappy daytime TV- hope you've found something good to pass the time though.
    I used to think needles didn't bother me but my boyfriend recently trapped his finger in a door and needed a (tiny) needle in his nail and I almost passed out, such a wimp!xx

  7. Aww I'm so so sorry! I hope you're feeling better soon
    I don't work so when I'm ill is not that much different. I wrap up in a duvet and just spend the whole day watching rubbish telly and drinking hot ribena with lemon.
    I'm reading To Kill a Mockingbird and Book 2 of Song of Ice and Fire simultaneously. I'm looking forward to watching Luther tonight.
    I'm very scared of needles. I had to have a blood test a few months ago and nearly fainted. My Mum went with me and I buried my head in her while it was happening. How am I 23?

  8. 1. It depends on how miserable I am. If I'm just barely too miserable to go to work, I might do a bit of light errands that I have been putting off. If I feel like complete and utter death I tend to take Nyquil (no idea what the outside of the States equivalent will be, here Nyquil is an anti-cough/pain reliever syrup that contains a small bit of alcohol) and watch television until I'm able to fall asleep. I also drink massive amounts of tea and moan a bit.

    2. I am a part of a great books group during the school year, and we decided to do a bit of reading over the summer. It isn't amazing, but Wittgenstein isn't terrible to read. I haven't watched anything amazing on tv lately, mostly my basic Law & Order type shows.

    3. I don't like them, never have, but have managed to out-logic myself. I have accepted the fact that if I want to feel better/remain healthy I have to allow myself shots and bloodwork. If I am afraid to have it done, I will be tense and it will hurt more than it normally would, but I will still have to have it done. I have gotten to the point of where I just think "it will be over in X minutes, and then I will just have to wait to find out what is wrong with me." It seems to make the problem seem smaller.

    I hope you feel better! Glandular fever does not sound fun at all. If it gives you any sort of hope though... I had something for a week and a half or so that my doctors thought might be glandular fever, but turned out to just be a virus that had to run its course. I woke up one morning feeling a million times better, and I will hope the same for you!


Your comments and thoughts are really appreciated :) Thank you for taking the time to chat xx