Monday, 13 June 2011

Recipe: Veggie Chilli (and Tacos!)

Hello lovelies!

Hope you're all having a wonderful start to the week. I'm feeling a little ill for some reason so I decided to make one of my favourite comfort foods this evening - chilli and tacos! The best thing about this recipe is that it makes enough for 2 meals for 2 so we always freeze half for later in the week. It's also packed full of protein and vegetables! Yum yum :)

First, chop your veggies! Today I used a small onion, 3 big mushrooms, 1/2 big yellow pepper and 1/2 a massive organic courgette! I'd normall throw in 2 cloves of garlic too but we're all out. Boo!

Heat a little oil and then saute your veg over a medium heat. I generally start with my onion, then garlic. After they're nice and soft I add the mushrooms and once they're slightly browned I add the courgette and peppers.

Next add some soya mince (I used 25g of Granose dry soya mince soaked in 130ml of veg stock for 2 minutes) and your herbs and spices.

As always, I recommend you play around to find a herb and spice combination that works for you. Today I used herbs d'prov, za'tar, cumin seeds, ground coriander, cayenne, ground cumin, dill, lots of paprika, basil, vegan worcester sauce, salt and pepper. I also sneaked in a little squirt of tomato ketchup.

Now add a tin of chopped tomatoes (we use Sainsbury's Organic) and a tin of your favourite beans (I'm in love with Borlotti Beans at the moment!). Simmer for 15-20 minutes to let the flavours infuse. Pop your tacos in the oven for the last 2 or 3 minutes until they're warm and slightly brown and you're good to go!

I served our tacos with soured cream, grated mature cheddar (we always have mature - you need so much less cheese for so much more flavour) and a quick home made guacamole (chopped avocado, chopped super ripe beef tomato, a splash of lemon juice and a dash of cayenne).

To make this vegan, swop the sour cream for a little veganaise or home made faux sour cream and swop the cheese for nutritional yeast flakes of soya cheeze.

Deeelicious! Enjoy!


  1. This looks really amazing. I am completely ravenous now! Chili is one of the few foods that don't taste all that different when vegetarian, and is super nice to make/have when a few people in the house love meat.

    I hope you feel better!

  2. Kat - it's soooo yummy! I've been making it for years and it always wins over my carnivore friends to the fact that veggie food can be delicious too!

  3. Dear faerie, reading your blog makes me really hungry. Thanks for sharing the recipe, it looks delicious!

  4. Mmm looks fab! I make veggie chilli but just stick chilli powder in lol.. will try your version with all your diff herbs & spices - bet it will be far tastier :) x


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