Sunday, 2 January 2011

50 in 52 Project List

So as I've mentioned a couple of times in different places, I'm taking part in the Craftster 50 in 52 project - here's my list as it currently stands. Obviously it might get changed around a bit and I've left some blank space for other things that take my fancy too :)

1. Finish Weekend Bag
2. Laptop case
3. Camera Case
4. Wallet
5. Pretty Summer Dresses
6. Make a Skirt
7. Apron (maybe a craft apron?)
8.Oven glove
9. Pot Holders
10. Sewing Machine Cover
11. Headband/ear warmer thing for cycling
12. Messenger bag
13. Fabric calendar/organiser
14. Slippers
15. Learn to knit and knit something that isn't a scarf
16. Pillow cases
17. Cushion covers
18. Secret
19. Secret
20. Secret
22. One line a day journal - Completed
23. Yoga mat
24. Yoga Mat bag
25. Crochet hook roll
26. Secret
27. Secret
28. Secret
29. Secret
30. Pretty dressing gown
31. Mooncup holder
32. Needlebook
33. Present for Joshua
34. Full set of placemats and coasters
35. Cloth pads and holder
36. Crochet hat (that fits!)
37. Obi heat/cold pack
38. Clutch bag
39. Bag organiser (and some extra bits to go in it)
40. Lunchbag

Also, in case you're wondering about the secret things - I do have them written down somewhere else, they're just projects that I don't want to reveal until they're fully made and/or given :D 

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  1. This is such a good idea. I've been far too lazy with my art this year. I don't think I could stick to something as regimented as this though, but I do resolve to start at least one painting or craft a week, though it might take me a while to finish one :P


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