Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A-England - Nail Polish for the Arthurian Geek

As a Beauty Blogger, I get quite a few emails in my inbox telling me of this release and that release, and I utterly love reading them, but I try not to share too many of them here as I prefer to give the products a good test first instead of just bringing you lots and lots of Press Releases. However, everyone now and again, something comes along that really grabs my attention and I just have to share it with you - A England Nail Polishes are making me want to do just that!

A England is the creation of Italian born designer Adina Bodana and they currently have a collection of 17 polishes (including a base coat, The Knight and a top coat, The Shield) all named around the Legend of King Arthur.

Obviously I can't comment on the quality of these polishes as I've never tried them but I love the look of Avalon and Morgan Le Fay! Actually, I love the look of all of them! In addition to pretty looking polishes, A England also have a really cute manifesto:

A England loves

nail varnish and stories
dreams and being real
being human and heroic in the common daily life
to face challenges and receive rewards
to treasure the secret corner in everyone where lays the spirit of creativity
the touch of regal and beauty in everyone
self esteem and to be kind to the others

A England celebrates

glamour on nails and the creation of new classics
beautiful, unique shades as the ultimate personal accessory
nail polish as alluring and rewarding: you can watch it on yourself all the time and enjoy it!
a passion for england: its light, utterly romantic weather, somehow gothic charm and glory

What do you think lovelies? Will you be giving any of these a try? I definitely suggest that you go have a little look at their website as it give lots of extra little tips and lovely things to look at too! You can find them here


  1. I like how they give tips on how to coordinate them. I really like King Arthur! They are on the expensive side though...

  2. Hi lovely lady you won a blog award :)


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