Monday, 24 January 2011

Monday Musings V

Hello my lovelies - apologies for the lack of Musing last week - the combination of my birthday on Tuesday and getting sinusitis meant that I wasn't really in the Musing mood (far too excited/ill!) However it's business as usual today and I hope you enjoy :) Do feel free to leave me a comment telling me what you've been Musing over this past week.

Ok so lets cast out minds way back in time and see what the last couple of weeks have held blog wise!

On Tuesday 11th, I reminded you all about the Nails Inc/Diet Coke promotion
On Wednesday 12th, I shared some info on the beautiful polishes from A England that appeared in my inbox
On Thursday 13th, I swatched like a mad woman and treated you to my review of the beautyuk palettes I picked up in Superdrug
On Saturday 15th, I brought you an Inspirational Interview with the fabulous Phyrra
Then it all went quiet whilst I celebrated my birthday and got ill until...
Thursday, when I bought you a little NOTD with a beautiful Spa Rituals polish I was sent and also a swatch fest of some more Darling Girl Cosmetics pretties that I picked up :)
Finally on Saturday I brought you one of my most popular posts to date, an Inspirational Interview with the utterly wonderful Lipglossiping!!!

♥ inmywindow

inmywindow has been ridiculously quiet - I've not even done my Project 365 updates (although I do have the pictures - I just need to upload them!). I did bring you a recipe for my favourite stew though which I definitely recommend you giving a try!

♥ Eye Eye

This week I've seen yet more of my GTP application form although I won't be saying that anymore as it's been sent! I'm very excited and a little nervous and utterly glad to not have to sit and stare at it anymore!

I've also seen quite a bit of sunshine which has made me really happy. I love winter sun - it makes things such a beautiful colour don't you think? It also means that I've been able to take quite a few pictures which is nice - one of my favourite things to photograph at the moment are the Geese that live by the river.... although I'm utterly terrified of Canada Geese, I have a real soft spot for the Grey Geese. They're such funny characters and are incredibly photogenic!

Another lovely thing over the past couple of weeks has been having the chance to see a lot of friends - in some ways I'm not a naturally sociable person, but I've really enjoyed catching up with people and having them over for dinner/meeting up with them for coffee. 

Finally, I've been seeing a heck of a lot of my beautiful beautiful Macbook - it's such a joy to have a laptop again!

♥ Whirring Cogs
Oddly, my Whirring Cogs is very similar to my previous one - GTP, money, God/church stuff. However unlike my previous post I'm feeling fairly chilled out about it all. I've made some pretty major decisions with regards to certain things that are hopefully going to make life a little less stressful and a little more enjoyable.

I've also been thinking quite a bit about food and cooking - I've been felling fairly inspired recently so I've enjoyed cooking lots of different things!

♥ Hidden Treasures
Oooo what to choose this week? These are three blogs that I really do love and I definitely recommend checking them out:
The Roxy Loves for a delightful mishmash of beauty, makeup, crafts and baking
Darling Girl Cosmetics for exciting DGC news and lots of wonderful FOTDs
Lauren Loves for lots of beauty bits and bobs (and also because she's a generally awesome lovely person)

♥ The Path...
This week, I plan to chill out and stop being anxious about the little things that are beyond my control.

♥ Respect Yourself
Anyone else feeling this mid-January slump? I am! It can be so hard at this time to keep yourself motivated with the same excitement and determination that you had at the start of the month when you were making all sorts of crazy and exciting plans.

It's easy to view that lack of determination as being a sign of failure and weakness, and when we let ourselves think that, all we do is trigger a cycle of negative thinking which is counterproductive to motivation! You haven't failed - you've just had a momentary wobble long the path. We all have them don't we? So instead of beating yourself up, why not use this week as a chance to set yourself back on the straight and narrow! However, I've got a challenge for us - instead of just trying to get stuck back into things straight away, I think it's a good idea to pinpoint exactly what it was that made us stop trying in the first place - did we set ridiculous goals? Did we not set tough enough goals? Were we trying to do something that we truly hated?

For me, I know that my lack of exercise at the moment was triggered by trying to convince myself I was going to exercise everday - for me, this is a ridiculous goal. I work a lot and have a fairly active schedule in the evenings... there's no way I can exercise everyday! Instead I want to aim for 3 focused sessions of exercise a week in addition to my daily cycle/walk to and from school. How do you need to modify your goals? What steps can you take this week to Respect Yourself just a little bit more? x


  1. Aw hun, thank you so much for the mention :) I really hope your GTP come back well and we see more of your cooking recipes! xx


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