Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Alva Naturkosmetik Coleur Silver Eyeshadow Duo and Hot Red Lipstick Review

Hello lovelies - hope you're all ok and coping (for most of you) with the shock of being back at work. My first day back was a little crazy but that's always the way with a new term. This evening, I'm bringing you a couple of quick reviews of a couple of bits of makeup I received from My Pure recently. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with showergels and body lotions, so I chose the Hot Red lipstick and Silver eyeshadow duo. I can only photography when I'm not at work, hence artificial lighting - apologies lovelies.

alva cosmetics swatches

Organic Lipstick in Hot Red

alva cosmetics organic lipstick in hot red

alva cosmetics organic lipstick in hot red swatch

I chose Shade 4 which is Hot Red - a lovely, wearable orange toned matte red (which is a little deeper than the picture above would have you believe). I really like this lipstick as I'd been looking for a matte red for quite sometime and this is the perfect shade for me. It's not too bright and not too vampy - lovely! Also, despite being matte, I don't find it at all drying which is always a bonus! The only slight downside is the smell ... it has a weird floraly herby smell. I don't really like it and it puts me off wearing it which is a shame but then again, I'm uber sensitive to smells so it might not bother you as much!

£13.80 from My Pure

Organic Duo Eye-Shadow in Silver
alva cosmetics organic duo eye shadow in silver

alva cosmetics organic duo eye shadow in silver

Ahhh, I love these eyeshadows - they're beautifully pigmented, complement each other perfectly, have a good amount of staying power, are shimmery without being a glitterball on my face but they have one fatal flaw. The packaging! Arrgggh. Ok, so firstly, it's just a bit ugly... that I can sort of deal with.  I mean being aesthetically pleasing isn't the be all and end all right? But it gets worse. The actual pan holider (i.e. the bit that the eyeshadows are set into... with the dippy hole for the applicator) itself comes out... on its own. For no reason. And then it's really hard to get back into the case. Sadly, this makes it feel a little cheap and tacky. For just under £12, I expect my eyeshadow casing to stay together. So as much as I love these eyeshadows, I'm not sure if I could ever bring myself to buy any more of them. *sigh*

£11.95 from My Pure

*Disclaimer* I was sent these products for review as part of the My Pure blogger scheme.


  1. They look really nice for being natural products! I went through a stage a few years ago of only buying natural/organic products, including makeup, but I found the quality just wasn't as nice and you could never find nice, pretty colours. Well, atleast you couldn't in New Zealand at the time. It looks like things are starting to change!

  2. These shadows are SO let down by their packaging. I honestly thought I would hate them it feels so cheap, but I was proved so wrong. The texture is great and the blue/grey are such pretty colours on.

    I also have the Hot Red lipstick but haven't been able to do it justice with a review yet. Orange red just doesn't suit me. (Although I did manage to do a look using it mixed with black) I do like the texture and last, but like you found the smell a little strange, for me, not offputtingly so.


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