Thursday, 20 January 2011

Swatch Fest - Darling Girl Cosmetics

Hello Lovelies

I just thought I'd share some swatches from my most recent Darling Girl Cosmetics haul - I utterly love this company. Susan is so utterly talented and her eyeshadows are incredible. And just in case you're wondering, yes I have already swatched one of these colours before - I just chose to buy it in a slightly bigger size this time (and a bonus point if you can tell me which it was - this is my last Darling Girl post)

Aren't they pretty?! I primed my hand with Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy first :)
Top Row (L-R):
Chococat - my pictures have brought out a lot of the gold in this but it actually has a rich chocolately brown base with a gorgeous greeny gold infused finish
Electra - yellow and gold infused lime green. One of my favourite colours I own.
Dragonwasp (GWP) - teal green with hints of peach and gold

Bottom Row (L-R):
Turtledove - dove grey with a hint of mauve and gold sparkle
Firefly - pinky lilac with a blue duochrome
Landry (Hello Kitty Collection - sample) - utterly wonderful chocolatey plum with a petal pink finish

Side stripe:
Kiss Me Tinted Lip Balm in Sassy (sample)

Bottom stripe:
Liquid Kisses in First Kiss

Just a not on the Liquid Kisses - hurrah! I've finally found an indie lip product I love! This is not quite gloss but not quite lipstick - it's somewhere in between and it's utterly lovely! I'm a complete eyeshadow junkie so I have to really force myself to try lip products but I think I might end up getting myself a few of these because they're truly fab.

Have you tried Darling Girl yet? What do you think? Any colours that you'd recommend me trying next?


  1. i love how shimmery they all are, and you picked such lovely colours too

  2. Oooh Electra is gorgeous!
    (also just got your email, was sent to my spam folder X/)

  3. I'm in love with the shimmery goregeousness of these! I think Landry has to be my favourite of the colours that you have.


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