Sunday, 9 January 2011

Glittersniffer Recall Info

Hello lovelies - just thought I'd give you a heads up that Glittersniffer are doing a recall/refund on some of their  cosmetics which were sold of eyeshadows despite not actually being safe around the eye area. Whilst I never bothered with Glittersniffer myself, I know a couple of ladies did and were then shocked to find that their eyeshadow contained soap dye so I thought I'd just post you a the link to all the info so that you're able to sort yourself out if you were one of the people who was affected by this. This recall includes eyeshadows that date back as far as 2006 so please do have a check through your shadows and see if there's anything old that lurking in the back of a drawer and should actually be recalled :)

You can get the info here xx

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  1. Uhmmm... what?! Im really glad that I never ordered from there! Who the hell puts soap dye in eye cosmetics?


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