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Inspirational Interviews - May Loves Makeup

After a little break for the festive season, Inspirational Interviews are back to ring in the New Year! It's a priviledge to introduce to you one of the nicest girls in blogging, the gorgeous May Loves Makeup! I was fortunate enough to meet the beautiful May at an Aussie event in November, and she really is just as lovely as I thought she'd be. Enjoy :)

Thank you so much for agreeing to take part in my little series! Firstly, can you tell me a little bit more about yourself please?
I’m a happy, fun-loving, English, girly girl. I have a fairly off-the-wall sense of humour and I regularly giggle ‘til I cry. I have a fear of herons and I don't think I'll ever grow out of getting excited for my birthday a month in advance just like I'm still always too giddy to sleep on Christmas Eve. I’m one of three sisters so I grew up surrounded by pretty dresses, high heels and pink lipstick.
How long have you been blogging and what was it that inspired you to start a blog?
I’ve been blogging since February and I was inspired to start May Loves Makeup by all the fab beauty blogs I’d been reading. Before spending my pennies on a new product I’d often search online for reviews of whatever I had my heart set on and discovered this community of great girls who were posting honest reviews of products and chatting about makeup and beauty. I decided I’d give it a whirl too as it looked like lots of fun and a perfect outlet for my constant cosmetic babblings, May Loves Makeup was born!
What are the best and worst parts of being a beauty blogger?
The best part is definitely the interaction with the lovely ladies who follow my blog. I’m always excited to get a comment, a nice e-mail to read or a tweet about something I’ve posted!
The worst bit is not having enough time to blog or comment on other people’s posts!
You've developed a really strong follower base in quite a short amount of time - how does it make you feel to be so loved?
It's totally overwhelming! I can’t believe so many people are interested in my beauty whitterings! I get just as excited to see my follower number growing now as I did when I first started my blog.
At first, you focused mainly on reviews and it was quite a while before you did a FOTD - how did you feel doing your first one?
Absolutely petrified! Like lots of girls I don’t really like photos of myself but the girls in the blogging community encouraged me to post a FOTD and when I did there were so many fantastic comments that I soon stopped worrying about it! Beauty Blogging has done wonders for my confidence!
What has been the highlight of the last few months of blogging?
When the very gorgeous and lovely Katy was my fairy godmother and invited me to attend the Aussie Take the Heat event with her! It was my first event and it was fantastic to finally meet the great girls behind some of the fantastic blogs I’d been following!
How do you spend your free time when you're not blogging?
Going to concerts, shopping, catching up with my friends over cocktails and getting up to all sorts of shenanigans with my sisters.  
You describe yourself as a very girly girl - if you had unlimited money and a whole day to yourself, what lovely girly treats would you indulge in?
Ooh I like this question! I’d get a gaggle of my friends together and we’d meet for brunch before hitting the shops for beauty treats, pretty dresses and sparkly goodies. We’d have afternoon tea somewhere divine like Betty’s before having manicures and pedicures then off to our favourite cocktail bar for cosmos and girly gossip!
You post really regularly about a whole bunch of different things - what inspires and motivates you to keep blogging?
Beauty Blogging is so much fun for me so I really enjoy writing new posts. I've always been enthusiastic about makeup and different beauty products and there's always something new coming out that I'm excited about!
What can readers of May Loves Makeup look forward to in the next couple of months?
I have a long list of products waiting to be reviewed, I’m coming to the end of my current series of Beauty Blogger Banter and that’s going to be revamped and brought back in the New Year, I’m planning on making at least one watchable YouTube video and there'll be lots more of my usual NOTDs, POTDs etc.
Ok time for some quick fire questions:
3 Favourite Items of Make up:
At the moment it’s Illamasqua’s Rich Liquid foundation, my beloved Naked palette from Urban Decay and Estee Lauder’s Pure Colour lipgloss in Brazen Berry
3 Favourite Foods:
Sushi, Belgian Chocolate Haagen Dazs and I’m really into ostrich at the moment, it’s quite unusual but really healthy!
3 Desert Island Items:
iPod, mobile (Hopefully there’d be signal so I could tweet you all about my adventures!), spf lotion!
3 People who've inspired you:
Samantha and Nicola from Pixiwoo have been a huge inspiration to me I absolutely love their videos. Sarah from I Heart Cosmetics really inspires me as a blogger, she is lovely and so friendly and her blog consistantly fantastic!  Stacey from Girls are Made of Sugar and Spice recently inspired me to give videos another go!
3 blogs you'd like to recommend:
It’s so hard to pick just three but Sarah’s blog has always been one of my favourites I always read Kim’s posts at  and Kelly’s at
3 words of advice:
Trust your instincts!

May, thank you so much for agreeing to take part! You truely are a lovely, lovely person :) Keep up the fabulous work! xx


  1. Thanks so much for having me for 'Inspirational Interviews' petal! Thank you for your kind words, you're such a sweetie! xxx

  2. I love reading these posts! Thanks for mentioning me May <3 xxx

  3. I love these posts, May seems really lovely :)


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