Monday, 8 March 2010

International Women's Day

Today is (apparently) International Women's Day. I am a woman. This post is about that. Apologies if it shows up in your feed twice, I'm posting it in both blogs.

I am a woman (I am not a girl).
I am a daughter (but I will never be a birth mother)
I am a wife (and one part of a whole)
I am a princess (of the King of Heaven)
I am a leader (I'm willing to be led)
I am unique (and wouldn't ever change that)
I am mere flesh and bone (but I have a soul and a voice)

I have been hurt (I've chosen to forgive)
I have lived in fear (I try to cling to hope)
I have known hate (I have hated myself)
I have felt envy (I try to appreciate what I have)
I have been weak (I'm very rarely strong)
I have lived a life of shame (I'm learning to walk with my head held high)

I long for joy (and know that it exists)
I aim to love (but accept that I won't always suceed)
I want to live (and help others give life a try)
I've been set free (yet didn't know I was enslaved)
I am a woman (I am not a girl)


  1. This is so special, Happy womens day :D

  2. <3 thank you ladies! It's really just a little ramble of things from my head to remind myself of xxx


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