Monday, 29 March 2010

A couple of exciting things in the pipeline for Sparkle and Shade

Hello lovelies :D

I just thought I'd let you know a couple of things which are in the pipeline for Sparkle and Shade over the next month or so.

Firstly, I'll be having a whole week dedicated to foundation. I'm not really a foundation expert (in fact, it terrifies me half of the time), but I've got a few new bits and bobs to play with foundation wise and thought it would be a good chance to do a themed week and to share my experiences with you as I tried to find my Holy Grail foundation! This will probably be in a couple of weeks when things have settled down a little and I can commit to blogging every day :)

Secondly, I'm planning on running a little creative make up competition - I'm sure I've mentioned before that I also do face painting and I love the fact that the avant garde side of make up artistry combines the two (well, it does in my head). So I'm planning on running a little competition to encourage you ladies to get creative with your faces and those crazily coloured palettes hidden away at the back of wardrobes/drawers/piles of tat which will feature some very exciting prizes (well, I think they'll be exciting).

Finally, I want to tell you about a little partnership I formed today. I was in my local Body Shop (the one on Stonegate in York if you really want to know) and got chatting to the manager about beauty blogging while I was trying some beautiful red lipstick on (I'll show you that later... it's purdy). After a bit of chatting (and a bit of explaining what blogging is exactly), she asked me if I'd like to partner with their store to give my York readers all the latest gossip on special events and that sort of thing, and also to review new products/products you might not know about and just give you a bit of inside information on The Body Shop in general. I really do feel very honoured and privileged to have been asked to partner with them in this way and I know I've got some really exciting things to share with you over the next few weeks (I know because they're currently sat on my carpet and I'm grinning like a kid with a massive bag of sweeties).

So that's it really, all the lovely bits and bobs that are in the pipeline for Sparkle and Shade. I really am having so much fun writing this blog, and I hope you're having fun reading. If you have any requests for posts/fotds that you'd like to see me do or any other thoughts/ideas/suggestions please do share them with me as I love to hear from you :)

*Disclaimer* My partnership with The Body Shop is through a local store manager, not through head office. Although I will receive some products for review, I will not be paid in any way. I am doing this to help promote my local shop and some excellent products. As always, my reviews will be fair and unbiased. Also, please don't go into your local stores begging to become partners - this isn't an "official" thing and I'd feel awful if store managers all over the country got hounded.


  1. Charlie - Thank you :D I got very excited about it indeed :) xx

  2. RaeRae - I know :D I'm very excited

  3. Oooh looking forward to it all! :D


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