Monday, 8 March 2010

ELF Mineral Lipsticks

The ELF website hasn't had much stock recently, and I've really been wanting to try some of their stuff as I've heard lots of good reviews so when I saw that Almond Blossom was selling 3 liptsticks on the Lush Forum I decided to give them a try :D

I bought Nicely Nude, Bare Brown and Barely Bitten. They come in lovely sleek black packaging and cost £3.50 from the ELF website. The consistancey of these lipsticks is quite thick and creamy - you can definitely feel you've got them on!, but I'd probably advise using a lipbalm underneath as they are slightly drying.

(L-R Nicely Nude, Barely Bitten, Bare Brown)

Nicely Nude - a warm pink/coral based nude (slight shimmer)
Barely Bitten - orange based red with a slight hint of gold (slight shimmer)
Bare brown - chocolate brown (matte)

I've been wearing Nicely Nude quite a lot and Bare Bitten isn't too bad (I have neautral undertones which lean more towards cool than warm but I can just about pull this colour off) but Bare Brown looks awful on me! It's very richly pigmented and just ages me! 

Have you tried the ELF mineral lipsticks? What did you think? Do you have a favourite?


  1. I've never tried their lipsticks because none of the colours look that interesting to me. Barely Bitten looks quite nice though :)

  2. I want to try nicely nude! ahh damn not having a debit card, if only elf was a drug store brand xx

  3. Lillisn - I think you'd suit Bare Bitten! I think ELF website swatches are particularly true to life tbh, but equally they're not really very exciting colourwise either (which suits me down to the ground as I'm terrified of colour and my lips)

    Lauren - haha trust me, having a debit card is dangerous!! I would love it if ELF made its way into real life shops though - they're be like the primark of make up!


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