Thursday, 25 March 2010

Lush Colour Supplements Review

As I'm sure many of you will know, Lush's sister company, B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful, closed down at the start of the year. B Never specialised in cruelty free, vegan make-up and offered everything from amazingly bright glitters to gorgeously creamy khols. One of the plus sides of B closing is that Lush are picking up a few bits and bobs from the B Never lines, as well as starting to introduce some new products that are slightly more make up and skin care focused.

The first of these was the Lush Colour Supplements. I'm quite friendly with a couple of the SAs at my local Lush and was lucky enough to be given very generous samples of both the Light and the Dark Yello Colour Supplements.
What are they?
The colour supplements are meant to act as a multipurpose facial colour that can be used in three different ways:

  1. They can be mixed into your normal moisturiser to create a tinted moisturiser
  2. They can be applied directly onto the skin as foundation
  3. They can be used as concealer
They're made with a base of Fresh Rose Petal Infusion, Soya Oil and Rice Bran Oil, so they're pretty gentle and moisturising. Saying that, oilier skins may find that these just slip right off. Also, if your foundation is water based (i.e. oil free) you might have a bit of a problem mixing them together. Why? Water and oil don't really mix that well.
Does it work?
Well, yes and no really. I'll discuss each of the ways of using them in the same numerical order to make it easier.

  1. This is definitely my preferred way of using them. They give a nice hint of colour without the faff of applying foundation. I've actually been doing this and then using a thin layer of bareMinerals foundation over the top to even out some of my redness and it's been working really nicely. The only slightly annoying thing is that I'm not a Light Yellow or a Dark Yellow - my perfect match is a mix of the two. Stupid faffy skin.
  2. Urgh. Hello pores, wrinkles and scabby bits that I didn't even know existed. This was quite honestly a traumatic experience. Using this as a foundation did not work for me - it gives a really heavy coverage and has a very trad foundation look/feel if you know what I mean ... you can really tell that you're wearing make up and it settles into all the bits you don't want it to settle into and clings into all the bits you don't want it to cling to.
  3. Again, I'm not really a fan of using these as concealer - I'd rather just use a light dusting of mineral foundation over the top to even things out a little.
Would I buy this again? I probably will do actually - I really like having a tinted moisturiser option that doesn't require me using an entirely different moisturiser and I've only needed to use a teeny tiny amount of my samples so far (and I've used them a lot) so I can see these being pretty good value for money
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ out of 5 for option 1
♥ out of 5 for options 2 and 3
Price: £7.50 for 20g from Lush (Available in Light and Dark Pink and Light and Dark Yellow) 

*Disclaimer* These products were given to me as free samples for personal use and my reviews always reflect my honest opinion. I am in no way affliated with Lush or paid to review for them.


  1. I really want to try these but i'm so nervous asking for samples.

  2. Lillian, I'd go right on in and ask - Preston offered me two shades to see which worked, but I was so smitten I bought light yellow straight off.

    I thought I should add my experience as an oil slick person - I LOVE these supplements because they don't get slimy or oily. If anything, they seem to help my skin limit oil production, so I stay clearer for much longer.

    Although I love Lush I had big reservations about B Never's foundations and moisturisers, and was expecting the supplements to be pretty rubbish. I'm really pleased with them - they're already emulsified, so they should mix fine with water-based gels, and they work well with my Lush moisturiser.

    I have to agree about the fact they highlight bits you don't want to - particularly, on my skin, rough edges where I've had pimples, and my charming ladylike moustache!

  3. I recently bought the Dark Yellow shade and I just put a little on my blemishes on top of my moisturizer. This is actually my first foundation, but so far it feels very light against my skin, it doesnt make me oily and I dont need to do touch ups! I would definitely recommend this to everyone!

    P.S. I have really oily skin and I'm using other LUSH products to help me reduce the amount of oil. The Supplement doesnt leave my skin oily at all.


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