Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A thought about Fyrinnae

Many of you will know that I have a lot of love for the Fyrinnae guys - their stuff convinced me that colourful make up was fun again and I frequently lust over beautiful things on their site. I also follow them on twitter and blogger and therefore know that they work obscenely hard. Their fan base has massively increased over the past couple of months and therefore their average number of orders per week has zoomed up.

That's why it came as no surprise when I heard that they were going to do a little price increase - I mean, most companies have had to eek up the prices a little recently (we are at the end of a recession if you rememember) and many indie companies have really been hit hard by the financial climate over the last year or two.

As it is, they're only planning on changing the prices a teeny tiny bit (I'd understand all the fuss if they were hiking up samples to $3, but they're not) and actually, they're planning on increasing sample sizes and on stopping the limit on how many samples you can order.

And yet, I've been seeing and hearing so much whining and bitching and just general horribleness about this. Stop it. Seriously, ladies (and guys), just stop it. These guys work hard, they sacrifice so much to provide excellent products and excellent service. Bullying them because they're trying to make their business financially viable is shocking.

Apologies if this post offends you. I just hate to see a good company dragged down by people with nothing better to do than moan and whine.


  1. I agree and will personally stalk, and kick the asses of anyone who disagrees :)
    I really don't see how someone could see the word "increase" and automatically send out hate mail! It's their company and they can run it however they like and if people don't like it, they can make their own damn eyeshadow and keep their traps shut.

    I was going to do a rant to, but I was thinking of a poem to put in it. Sadly my imagination just isn't what it used to be lol

  2. Hurrah to stalking and ass kicking! It's just really sad that people react that way, purely because it's an indie company! I'm pretty certain that Boots don't get full on hate mail every time the price of eyeshadow increases by 20p!

    I wouldn't normally rant so openly about this sort of thing (I made up my mind a while ago not to blog "politically" after a gender debate got out of hand) but it just seems so unfair that people are being such idiots towards them! Nice that you agree though :D

  3. I super agree, and I did eventually get on that poem :D I think we should all write a poem hehehe

  4. Amen sister! It's ridiculous that they are getting hate mail for a slight price increase!

  5. Amen sister! Some people will complain about ANYTHING. .25 fucking cents. AND you get more now! Anyone that complains about doesn't deserve to be a Fyrinnae customer.

  6. Kitten - I LOVE your poem :D it made me chuckle!

    Lillian - I know, isn't it just ridiculous? People seriously have too much time on their hands/not enough things on their brains!

    Dominique - I agree... I was tempted to include the fact that I think that people who complain about such things should be banned from ordering in my original blog post! What utter idiots.


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